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What is Brand and Click?

Brand and Click is an agency specialized in organic positioning. It has offices in Madrid (Calle López de Hoyos 35 - 1), Barcelona (South Building - 2nd Floor. Barcelona Pier) and Alicante (Alicante - Maisonnave 28).

They have specialized in web positioning, making available to each client a dedicated SEO agent to your project. At the same time, they offer a SEO study without costs from its website, so that each user can check the status of their site.

Another important point is your specialization in saving penalized web pages. Using all his knowledge to regain the right direction of a web page that may have been affected by the changes in Google algorithms and other issues.

Within their strategy, they propose personalized plans, with jobs from both SEO On Page like SEO Off Page. Another point to highlight in their work philosophy is that they do not have contracts or tenures.

Employment at Brand and Click

We are talking about a place to be taken into account by those professionals in the areas of Contents, SEO and Web Development looking for a possibility or a job change.

Although, this agency specialized in organic positioning You do not have a specific form or email for job offers, it is feasible to contact them through the form available on the web.

Opinions about Brand and Click

The case of this organic positioning agency is curious, because does not yet have any review in the Google search engine that can give us an idea of the valuation that clients make of their services.

On the other hand, they have a presence on social networks, mainly on Facebook and Twitter. In spite of everything, the activity is not very usual in either of the two profiles.

In the case of their Twitter profile, they have just over 800 followers (as of May 2019). For its part, on Facebook it has more than 2,500 followers (May 2019).

More information about Brand and Click

From here we invite you to visit the website of this organic positioning agency and see first-hand the services they offer, as well as fix any questions you may have.

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