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Advertising material

The advertising material, or advertisement, is the medium of transmission of advertising messages in the trade promotion industry. In Online Marketing the advertising material It is carried out through Affiliate Marketing.


The advertisements They are the means of transmitting advertising messages. Some examples are banners or advertisements on the radio. In the radio advertising industry, the advertising material is the radio spot, and the advertisements in PC video games are called in-game advertising.

Relevance for Online Marketing

In online marketing an advertiser publishes his material on his web portal or through emails, email marketing. The objective of commercial promotion is attract the attention of visitors and generate interest on the web portal or, for example for an online store, obtain a sale (the general objective is to obtain a Conversion).

Another alternative is to place the ads on external websites. The visitor will be redirected to your web portal from the ad and for this a commission is paid to the affiliate networks.

To refer to the advertising medium, an abbreviated definition of the English word "advertisement" is normally used: ad and it refers to all the forms that exist of commercial promotion online.

To see the success of the commercial promotion you can use and review the Opportunity To See that offers an average value on the number of times that a person has come into contact with an advertising medium.


The most common form of commercial promotion on the Internet is still the banner. This can have different formats and dimensions measured in pixels. There are also other alternatives for online commercial promotion and Display Marketing:

  • Text link: it is a link that should attract the attention of users through the text.
  • Placement: blog authors write a post where they include a mention or reference to a product.
  • Sponsor: a sponsor is the one who finances a project. In exchange for this, the sponsor appears in banners or your name is released to the public, for example.
  • Pop-up: a different version of banner that opens when accessing a web portal and the user finds it in front of it.
  • Skycrappe: the skycrappe banner it has particular dimensions with a height of 600 pixels.
  • Sticky ad: is a type of banner that moves with the movement that the user makes with the mouse obstructing the visibility of the content until the user closes it.

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