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The error code 0x80070013 that you receive from Windows 10 indicates that you are trying to install a driver on your computer that is already installed, or you are installing a driver that is less compatible with your hardware than the one you already have.


The error code prevents you from installing updates on your Windows 10 system and causes Windows Update to fail until you fix it. Since your system needs to be updated periodically, this is an obstacle that you need to address as soon as possible.

There are two possible driver issues that prevent you from updating Windows 10, in other words, you are trying to install an existing driver or it is not compatible with your hardware (or less compatible than the one already running on the system). Please note that until you fix error 0X80070013, you cannot update Windows.

How to fix Windows update error 0X80070013?

We guess this 0X80070013 troubleshooting is much easier than expected. Regardless, be very careful and perform each step as indicated, otherwise the Windows system will not understand the commands or, worse still, it may misinterpret which could cause other problems. If you have already done all these steps, check if the 0X80070013 problem response was successful by running Windows 10 Update.

Manual reset of Windows update components


To reset Windows Update components, you need to use some high command prompt commands. To open it, you now need to press the Windows and X keys on the keyboard simultaneously. An options menu opens where you need to choose the command prompt (Admin).

A user account prompt may appear if you need to press “Yes” to start the prompt. Once inside, you must first install the MSI, Windows Update Services and BITS installer. Enter the following commands and press the Enter key after each one. Please use caution when entering orders, as typos or spelling errors may cause errors in your system. Also be patient as it may take some time to complete.

net stop wuauserv
net stop cryptSvc
network stop bits
net stop msiserver

Once the services are completed, rename the Catroot2 and SoftwareDistribution folders.
This can be done directly from the message that appears by typing the following commands and pressing Enter after each one.

ren C: Windows System32 catroot2 Catroot2.old
ren C: Windows SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old

Afterwards, you must restart the services that you stopped earlier to allow Windows Update to continue working. While still at the high prompt, type the following commands and remember to press the Enter key as usual after typing each one:

net start wuauserv
cryptSvc Network Home
network start bits
net start msiserver

When you're done, basically close the command prompt by clicking the X box in the top right corner.

We hope this method helped you restart your Windows computer. Show us in the comments below if you have found another workaround to fix update error 0x80070013.

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