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What are Vulkan Runtime Libraries? We explain it to you in detail

It is possible that a new program called Vulkan Runtime Libraries, without you having installed it, at least on purpose. We explain what it is and why you should not delete it.

Vulkan Runtime Libraries are an essential component of your computer


Maybe the name of Vulkan, it is always a Graphics APIs such as DirectX 12 and OpenGlIf you don't know, we'll tell you it's kind of system in which developers create their current video games. It is a very simple and minimalist explanation, but it helps us understand it without going into too much detail. An important point is that the computer running the game must be ready to support this API.

AMD Releases AMDVLK - Vulkan Open Source Driver for Linux

This is where it comes in Vulkan Runtime Libraries, Is about application that we must have installed on our computer to be able to use video games that have been programmed with Vulkan. It is identical to DirectX which is installed on all computers or java virtual machine this allows us to use applications written in this programming language.

It is The Vulkan runtime libraries have probably appeared on your computer after installing a new version of your graphics card drivers, or you may have installed a video game based on this modern API like Doom. It is quite normal that it has been installed and you shouldn't worry at all.

Over time, new video games with Vulkan will arrive therefore, its use in our computers will be more and more common.

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