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Windows 10

How to Delete Recent Documents from Windows 10 Taskbar


When we open the Windows 10 start menu, we find a taskbar there, where they usually show the most recent documents that have been opened on the computer. Although it can be useful in several cases, entering a document before wanting to edit it, many users do not like it because it is seen as something that violates privacy.

Therefore, many users want remove this from said taskbar. The good news is that there is a simple way to remove all recent documents from this taskbar in Windows 10. So that none of them are displayed on it, avoiding privacy concerns.

First of all we have to open Windows 10 settings on your computer. For this we use the combination of keys Win + I and it will open on the screen after a couple of seconds. Of all the sections that we find on the screen, we have to enter the personalization section.


Once inside the customization section, click on the Start section, located on the left panel. Alternatives that refer to this section will appear in the center of the screen. We slide towards the end, until we reach the last of the alternatives.

This is the option to display recently opened items on the Windows 10 taskbar. By default, it is generally marked on the computer, but what we long for is exactly not having to show them. So we just have to uncheck this option on the computer. This will delete these documents.

We will stop seeing the documents that we have recently opened on our Windows 10 computer on this taskbar. A way to use the PC in a more private way, avoiding problems of this type. If you ever change your mind, the steps are the same for this case.

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