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Windows 10

How to put a new featured content image on the lock screen in Windows 10


Yesterday we gave you some tricks so you can automatically add those precious Windows featured content images to your desktop with that 10 edition of the popular Microsoft operating system.

Those featured images on the lock screen look great and are routinely changed on a daily basis. The only thing that happens is no way to target windows 10 to change it when we feel like it. Even if you follow a few tricks below, you can surely change it.

If you are unaware of these two tricks below, you can go through the same lock screen image for days or until Windows 10 wants to change it. Even though it seems like we can only hope, there is a way to modify it.

Tell Windows Featured Content You Don't Like the Image

This is perhaps the most counterproductive, since are you telling windows you don't like this kind of imagery, even though it's one of the two methods.

Basically you have to click on the lock screen option that says "you like what you see". Two options will appear for you to select what you like or dislike. If you click no, you will receive a new featured content image.

(* 10 *) Turn Windows featured content off and on again

Opens Settings and go to Personalization. You must choose Lock screen and open the wallpaper menu. Select "Image" instead of Windows Featured Content and select one. Lock down the system once you make sure the image has been updated.

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The next thing you should do is unlock the system and open Settings again. Select the Windows Featured Content option again and you will receive a new lock screen image.

This method will not interfere with image preferences that are taught, even though it is a bit rudimentary to have to do the entire procedure manually.

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