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Windows 10

How to open .djvu files in Windows


When scanning documents, both from Windows and from macOS, we can use different formats to save these types of files. In spite of everything, not all files offer us the same benefits when working with them, in other words, when search, extract images ...

The format most used in .pdf, a format that has become the standard in computing, and above all, at the time of telematic communications. In spite of everything, this is not the ideal format to save images of scanned documents, since it does not offer us the same versatility as .djvu files.


The .djvu format was born exactly as a more versatile alternative to .pdf, so its main use is for document scanning, since it offers separation by layers of images, lossy compression of images in two colors, progressive loading ... This format, as well as other little-used ones, such as .webp, not natively compatible with Windows 10, so if we are forced to work with these types of files, we have to download a third-party application.

One of the the best solutions we have at our disposal, and which is also free is called DjVuLibre, an application that allows us to open this type of file even when we cannot save it in other formats, for this we can use other applications available in the Microsoft Store

If at the same time you open this type of format, you want convert it to .PDF format, in the Microsoft Store we have the application at our disposal Djvu to PDF, an application that has a price of 4.99 euros in the Windows application store. The application needs an Internet connection to work, since the conversion procedure is carried out on the company's servers.

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