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If you want install a new printer or change the monitor of your PC W10 you will need these components to be recognized by the operating system itself. Therefore, you will arrange that install the driver device to function properly.

If you don't know what a driver is or how to install it, avoid worrying! Because in the next few paragraphs we will show you in an easy way what these programs are for on your PC.

Pay attention to all the details because we will explain the step by step you must do to install a driver for a new device in Windows 10 without errors.


What is a device driver and what are these programs for on my PC?


The first thing you should know is that Windows 10 operating system what do you have installed on your PC is a program in charge of coordinating all internal processes and procedures that occur inside the PC. Therefore, through programming codes located in several files, it is feasible to gather all the actions carried out by the connected hardware in a single place.

Within this set of hardware are not only the printer and the keyboard, but also internal components of the PC. Examples of these are the video card and the motherboard, among many others. Each of these items has a specific program that connects to the operating system so that it recognizes it and can coordinate the processes that must be carried out, according to the user's requirements.

These specific programs are called drivers or drivers. and as many hardware as you have connected to the PC must be installed. For this reason, these software are essential for the correct functioning of the PC. being able to cause errors in cases in which Windows 10 does not recognize them or are outdated.

(*10*) Learn step by step how to install a driver for a new device in Windows 10 without errors


If you wish install a new device on your Windows 10 PC you will have to bear in mind that this component must come from the factory a disk with the driver. Otherwise you must enter the official website of the provider to download the driver.

For this reason we will explain below the step by step that you must do in both situations: 

Connect the new hardware

The first step you will have to do is connect the new component to your PC. For this you must place all the data and electronic power cables in their respective ports both on the PC and on the new hardware.

Install the CD

Although it is true that currently there are few devices that bring disks for driver installation, it is still feasible to find some. In this circumstance, you must insert the CD in the reader unit and wait a few seconds until the installation wizard itself opens a new window with which you must follow the steps.

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The procedure in this case is simple, since the wizard will give you different options so that you can choose the place where you intend to install the driver and other alternatives.. Once you have finished selecting, the procedure will end so automatic.

Enter the provider page

What we have explained so far is the option that you must follow when you intend to install a new device that comes with an installation CD. But in those cases where you only acquire the new hardware you will have to have access to the provider's page to download the driver. 

The steps you will have to do in this case vary according to the manufacturer. It is feasible to quickly find a button to download the driver on the official site, while in others you must have access to a code -that will arrive next to the component- to just be able to download the controller.

Choose the place of download

Once you have found the download link you must select the folder in which you will save the executable file. Generally, Windows Update automatically detects the action you want to take so the driver will be installed almost automatically.

Run the file

Yes Windows Update does not recognize the new driver you will have to save the driver in a folder on your PC and then open the file. After a few seconds the installation wizard will open and you will be able to start selecting all the alternatives to save the driver in Windows 10.

Device is not working properly How to resolve this and other driver related errors?


As we mentioned in previous steps, it may happen that the device does not work correctly because Windows 10 does not recognize the driver for this hardware or it is outdated. For this reason, it will be necessary to solve these errors as quickly as possible so that you can work with your PC safely.

We will explain below how you should resolve these errors related to the drivers:

  • The first thing you should do is press the button Windows startup, located at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Then go to Control Panel and look for the option Device administrator to click on it. You will also be able to get to this tool by directly typing the name of the application in the search engine located on the taskbar. You will find it next to the Start button, when you finish typing you will only have to press the Enter key.
  • A new window will open in which you will find a list with all the available controllers and their respective names. It is feasible that you visualize a warning sign in some of them, if this happens you will have to right-click on it and press on the option To update controller.

Windows Update will automatically search for the driver respective on the Internet that is updated and will install it on your PC. If the problem persists try Restart the system until you see that the warning sign next to the controller name has disappeared.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, at the same time I am sure it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉