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How to find which DLL files are in use in Windows


Windows applications and processes use a type of file called "DLL". A DLL file, if it is missing or damaged, interrupt the normal procedure of a program so that it doesn't work properly.

Even sometimes a procedure or an application can fail completely if there is no DLL file. The point is, those files are very important even when you don't have to start or download them. LoadedDllsView is a free Windows app which shows which DLL files are in use in Windows.

You can choose a DLL file and see what is the application or procedure is accessing it. We are going to comment on how this interesting application works, very useful for certain specific moments.

We download and launch LoadedDllsView. We wait a few seconds while the list of DLLs in use loads. The application may seem unresponsive per seconds, but should be left open and not removed.

LoadedDllsView will show what the DLL files that are in use. We select it and the panel below the list of files will show which are the applications or processes that use them.

For each file, you can see how many processes are accessing to it, whether the file is 32-bit or 64-bit, the developer who created it, the name of the product version, its path, and more. LoadedDllsView will provide you with a wealth of information about each of the DLLs in use.

This application enables you to filter DLL files. If there are any that we are looking specifically for, you can use the search filters. They can filter by versions 32 and 64 bit, by Microsoft or by pressing Control + Q to bring up the search.

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The search can include one or more strings, separated by commas and narrow your search to all columns or only to the visible ones.

Download LoadedDllSView

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