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How to download Microsoft Word for free


Microsoft Word is a very useful tool on our computer. For millions of users it is a basic program, which they use on a day-to-day basis. Even though you know for sure, it is a program for which we need a paid license. This is something that not all users want or can take care of. In this way, they are looking for alternatives to access the popular program for free.

The truth is that there are some alternatives to be able to use Word for free on any device, even though they have their limitations anyway. But we show you below the best ways that we can use today to use the document editor without having to pay money.

We explain below three methods we can use in our case. They are options to consider, even though none is ideal or meets all the desired requirements. But there are three legal options, which is something of relevance in this regard, to avoid any possible problem. There is probably an option that is of interest to you or that helps you use the document editor.


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30-day free trials in Word


We can test Word for free on the computer if we want to, for a period of 30 days. A way to know if the program is what we want or need in our case. An email account is required for a free trial. For this reason, this trial period can be extended by using a different email account each time, which allows the program to be on the computer, but without having to pay money for it. It is an alternative that many are sure of, but that is not always feasible.

It has a clear limitation, since we cannot be eternally creating email accounts to be able to use Word without paying money. It is more an option to use a couple of months, mainly if there is a specific task for which we need this document editor. If not, it is something that ends up being problematic.

Download app

If you don't want to use it on a computer, but you were thinking of using Word on your tablet or phone, then there is an app for these devices. It is an application that will allow us to download the document editor for free on the device in question, be it an android or iOS tablet or mobile.

This version will allow us to edit documents on these devices, with the main Microsoft Word functions present in it. This is why it is presented as an alternative to consider. Even though it has clear limitations, since it is not fundamentally comfortable to use it on the phone or tablet, unless you have a keyboard connected to the tablet. But it is a simple and free way to use this editor in case it is necessary.

Word online


An option that we talked about a few days ago. We can use Word Online on our computer at all times, an online version of the document editor, for which we do not have to pay money to use. The only thing we will need to use this version of the editor is a Microsoft account, which we can create at any time for free. So it is a system that works quite well in this aspect, to enter the editor, in a version that we can also access from anywhere.

Word Online provides us with most of the editor functions.. Therefore, for the most common editing tasks that we usually perform on it, we can use it at all times. For most users of the normal editor this version will be useful, so it is quite comfortable and undoubtedly recommended. You will not have to pay money for it at any time and it gives access to these functions that we need to use.

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