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Windows 10

How to resize the on-screen keyboard in Windows 10


Surely on occasion we have been forced to use the Windows 10 on-screen keyboard. It is not the most comfortable option for users, but it gets you out of trouble. So its use is really useful. When we open this on-screen keyboard, it comes with a default size. Even when it allows us to work with ease, mainly if we use the mouse, it can be annoying.

And what is more, Changing the size of this on-screen keyboard is not as obvious as many think. But the reality is that we can change it if we want to. This is what we teach you to do next. You will see that it is not difficult to do so.

Windows 10 gives us the opportunity to adjust its size to our needs. Therefore in a matter of seconds we will be using this keyboard with a size that is to our liking and is comfortable for us when working. Since this is the most important thing.

We go to the Windows 10 start menu and we have to look for accessibility alternatives in the list of applications on the computer. One of these options is the on-screen keyboard. From this dynamic we have access to it. Even though we can also open an execution window (right click on the start menu) and we execute the osk command.


The keyboard already appears on the screen. To change its size, whether we want to make it smaller or larger, we only have to use the corners of the keyboard. The most comfortable is the lower right corner. Basically drag from this corner and the Windows 10 on-screen keyboard will resize.

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Thus, the only thing we will do is adjust it to the size we want and it is comfortable for us. From this dynamic, the on-screen keyboard will adjust to this size, which is the one we have chosen. Something that will make its use more comfortable for us.

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