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More and more mobile devices come with Dolby Atmos technology, a technology that enhances the audio that the device outputs. Today the Surface Pro tablets do not have this technology, but they do have quite a few models of tablets as well as some motherboards that incorporate audio to their plates.

If we do not have the Dolby Atmos configuration installed, the device will output sound but not at the quality provided by Dolby Atmos. Here we show you how to activate this setting in our Windows 10.

At the moment, the only drivers that exist for this configuration They are in the Microsoft Store and they are not free. But Microsoft offers the opportunity to test them on a limited basis to verify their operation. Once we have installed the Microsoft program drivers, we have to use the setup wizard to absolutely configure the Dolby Atmos drivers.

Once we have finished with this, we must go to the sound devices to configure them in connection with these drivers. Thus, we have to indicate that the Dolby Atmos setting is used. To do this, we do right click on the speaker icon in the Windows 10 bar and we go to properties. In the properties window a window will appear with the information of the speakers. We go to the Spatial Sound tab and choose the Dolby Atmos devices.

We can also choose the Sonic devices option, devices that offer almost the same sound quality and whose drivers do not cost money. But in order to take advantage of all the quality that Dolby Atmos offers, we not only have to do this configuration but we also have to have headphones or speakers compatible with this technology, devices that we do not usually have in our desk drawer. For all of this, the Dolby Atmos settings may be so unfamiliar, but for those who work with Sound, it may be worth doing all of this. Don't you think?