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Over the past few days we have heard and seen how malware and various backdoors have taken over CCleaner and its users' computers. Error that seems that after several attempts to solve it, it has been corrected.

But despite this, many of you distrust this tool, something logical on the other hand. This is why we offer you 3 alternatives to CCleaner that perform the same tasks as CCleaner but without back doors or security holes in our Windows 10 and allowing us to delete obsolete files, temporary and the system cache.

(* 10 *) Nero TuneItUp free of charge

This tool belongs to Nero, the famous disc burning software and company. In spite of everything, this time it does not burn DVDs but it helps us to improve the operation of Windows 10.

This software is quite interesting because it not only manages the Windows registry and the program cache, but also organizes operating system startup, optimizes web browsers for Internet browsing, checks for updated drivers for our team and takes care of making the most of the operation, emphasizing the energy saving aspect.

Nero TuneItUp has two versions: one Pro and one free. The latter is free but limited, while the former is premium and contains all the alternatives of the program. You can find both versions at the official web portal of the software.

Glary Utilities Free

Glary Utilities became very popular in recent months and not only because of the CCleaner news but also because of the number of tools you have to get the most out of Windows 10.

Glary Utilities not only makes it possible to optimize the hard disk or the registry, but also helps us to have the best drivers for our team or look for the most optimal configuration of Windows 10 based on our needs. Glary Utilities It has two versions like Nero TuneItUp, the free version being the free version.


This software was born as a tool to get the most out of GNU / Linux systems but it became so popular that developers have ported it to Windows 10. This software is free and does not have as many tools as previous programs, but the little that works, works very well. It is a simple and free software and trade promotion program. Bleachbit can be obtained from here.


It is difficult to select a software that optimizes your computer because hardware and software often do not help. Nevertheless, on this occasion, if you are looking for something simple would opt for Bleachbit, but if you search something very complete, maybe the best option is Glary Utilities. In this circumstance, despite being all free, I don't recommend trying all of them because they might mess up your windows, but if you're looking to try, a virtual machine would be the best option.