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Fix Windows Update error 0x80070026: If you are facing Windows Update error 0x80070026 while downloading / installing updates, then you are in the right place as today we are going to see how to fix the problem. There is no particular cause for this problem but system file corruption is the most likely cause so without wasting time let's see how to fix Windows Update error 0x80070026 with the help of the guide below.


Fix Windows Update error 0x80070026

Make sure to create a restore point in case something goes wrong.

Method 1: Run the SFC and CHKDSK

1.Press Windows Key + X and then click Command Prompt (Admin).


2.Now type the following in the cmd and hit enter:

Sfc / scannow sfc / scannow / offbootdir = c: / offwindir = c: windows (If the above fails then try this one)


3.Wait for the above process to finish and once done, restart your PC.

4.Then run CHKDSK from here Fix file system errors with Check Disk Utility (CHKDSK).

5.Let the above process complete and restart your PC again to save the changes.

Method 2: Temporarily disable antivirus and firewall

1.Right-click the Antivirus Program icon in the system tray and select Disable.


2. Next, select the time during which the Antivirus will remain disabled.


Note: Choose the shortest amount of time possible, for example 15 or 30 minutes.

3.Once done, try again to update your Window and check if the error is resolved or not.

4. Type the control in Windows Search and then click Control Panel from the search result.


5.Next, click on System and Security and then Windows Firewall.


6.Now, from the left pane of the window, click Turn Windows Firewall on or off.


7.Select Turn off Windows Firewall and restart your PC. 8.Retry running Windows Update and see if you can fix Windows Update error 0x80070026.

If the above method doesn't work, make sure to follow the exact same steps to turn the Firewall back on.

Method 3: Run DISM

1.Press Windows Key + X and select Command Prompt (Admin).


2. Type the following command in cmd and hit enter after each one:

a) Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / CheckHealth b) Dism / Online / Clean-Image / ScanHealth c) Dism / Online / Clean-Image / RestoreHealth


3. Let the DISM command work and wait for it to finish.

4. If the above command doesn't work, then try the following:

Dism / Image: C: Noffline / Clean-Image / Restore-Health / Source: c: N-mounting windows Desm / Online / Clean-Image / RestoreHealth / Source: c: | mount windows / LimitAccess

Note: Replace C: NRepairSourceNWindows with the location of your repair source (Windows Installation or Recovery Disc).

5.Restart your PC to save the changes and see if you can fix Windows Update error 0x80070026.

Method 4: Rename Software Distribution

1.Press Windows key + X and then select Command Prompt (Admin).


2.Now type the following commands to stop Windows Update Services and then hit Enter after each one:

net stop wuauservnet stop cryptSvcnet stop bitnet stop msiserver


3.Next, type the following command to rename the Software Distribution Folder and then hit Enter:

ren C: NWindowsN-SoftwareSoftware DistributionSoftware Distribution.oldren C: N-System32Ncatroot2 catroot2.old


4.Finally, type the following command to start Windows Update Services and hit Enter after each one:

net start wuauservnet start cryptSvcnet start bitsnet start msiserver


5.Restart your PC to save the changes.

That's it, you have successfully fixed Windows Update error 0x80070026, but if you still have any questions about this guide, feel free to ask them in the comment section.