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Mobile VPN

A Mobile device VPN is a virtual private network specifically designed for use with mobile devices.

VPN differentiation

With a Conventional VPN, the locations of the clients and the networks involved are fixed and unalterable. Each client receives a fixed IP address that does not change. If you tried to use such a VPN in mobile apps, the connection would usually be interrupted, for example, because a device went into hibernation or restarted, because the user changed their location and moved to a new network cell or changed from one to another between various public networks. Regardless, if the connection is disconnected, open apps will be blocked.

Technical structure

A mobile device VPN is a duration of the Classic VPN. For this, a communication server is inserted between the application server and the client. The connection is first defined between the application server and the communication server. The client, on the other hand, connects to the communications server. If this connection between the client and the communication server ends, for example if the device has been rebooted, it will remain between the communication server and the app server. Launched apps can be updated.

As soon as the mobile device client returns to reception, it reconnects to the communication server and the user can continue working without interruptions. Unlike normal VPN, mobile devices are not assigned a fixed IP address by the provider, but instead receive a virtual IP address. This is managed by the Mobile VPN Server and can be assigned via DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) or assigned to IP addresses from a specific reserved area on the server.

Application areas of the mobile device VPN

In practice, mobile VPNs are used whenever and wherever workers need to quickly access data while on the go. These include, among others, the following fields of application:

  • Police Access driver license and license plate databases, criminal records, or computer-aided operations control systems while on the go.
  • Home care department workers (eg, care services, doctors during a home visit) view patient records or billing information through a VPN mobile device.
  • Inside hospitals, patient admissions or patient records can be viewed via mobile devices.
  • Sales representatives (eg, sales representatives, service technicians, engineers) access the company server to order spare parts, schedule appointments, retrieve customer data, plan assignments, or call up documentation.

Importance for online marketing

Thanks to the transfer of encrypted data, a VPN mobile device allows you to surf the Internet safely. At the same time, anonymous accesses can be made by means of which the user leaves no trace on the network. Mobile VPNs also play a role in online marketing in light of the growing industry mobilization. In many areas, permanent or self-employed workers telecommute in their own homes or on the move. For them, a mobile VPN is the right way to use the company network without interruption.