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The visibility index It is an indicator of the visibility of the web portal in the Google search engine. Visibility is considered a key performance indicator (KPI), and it is just one more category among many important for SEO.


The visibility index it analyzes the best 100 results out of thousands of hundreds of keywords and it is a continuous procedure. These keywords are classified by topic and cover all possible searches. At the same time, these terms are constantly adapting to current changes and this is why this index is considered so important. The visibility index is calculated with the following data:

  • The positioning of the analyzed keywords
  • The expectation of traffic through positioning
  • The expectation of traffic using the keyword


Interpretation of the visibility index

If the positioning is based on the visibility indexSome websites, such as niche websites, are likely to have a negative result. This is because those websites that focus on a specific and minority topic will be made up of only a few keywords. For this reason, the possibilities that these “minority” keywords are part of the visibility index it is quite small. Therefore, websites with a very high ratio of niche keywords have a visibility index low and, consequently, they will be able to increase their visibility only to a limited level.

Measures aimed at increasing the visibility index provide an automatic increase in traffic. Institutions such as AGOF analyze this data and the behavior of online users in the most transparent and neutral way feasible. Therefore, the data is not displayed immediately but comes from previous days.

When examining the positioning of the keywords it is essential to consider that, even when it seems necessary to position in the first result of some keywords, it is recommended to review the current competition and the conversion with these keywords before losing positioning in other words less popular key.

Relevance for SEO

The visibility index It is a clear example of an SEO strategy. It is a great advantage to learn about keyword positioning even if it does not have a direct effect on the traffic and conversion of a web portal.

The visibility index provides clear indicators on the state of the web, such as Google penalties: the effects of a Google update can be seen through sudden variations in visibility.

It is recommended to give importance to this index but to emphasize more on the KPIs, the current traffic, the Bounce Rate, known in English as Bounce Rate, and the duration of the visit. These values show how the user reacts to the content of the web portal and the visibility index does not.

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