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Trending Topic (TT)

Trending Topic (TT) concept

What is the Trending Topic or TT?

A Trending Topic (TT) is a definition that is only used within the social network Twitter. It is established as a keyword, or several, that become the most used during a specific period of time and territory. Generally, it is a hashtag that charges certain virality, regardless of the reason that made it viral.

What is most talked about in the blue bird network, the trend that has hit the hardest. It can be a sporting event, a goof in a movie, a famous phrase that has fallen in favor or even the name of a user. Any term can be a trending topic on this platform, it only needs to have a huge diffusion and that many users introduce it to give it that force.

It is also a definition that is used to talk about the algorithm that Twitter uses to highlight those terms that are most used in the social network. It is something that works constantly and in real time, since the volatility of this platform and the continuous flow of information that moves on it are capable of making something extremely popular in a matter of minutes.

An aspect that may seem only of a social nature, but that can also be used for commercial purposes and as branding campaign. The firms most present in social networks know that interaction with a trending topic is the best way to obtain good visibility, especially if it is done with quality content.

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What is the TT (Trending Topic) for

A Trending Topic (TT) serves to know what is being talked about the most at a given moment within a region on Twitter. For a business, detecting it (now easier thanks to the mechanisms of the social network) can be crucial to obtain a great presence boost thanks to virality.

For users it is nothing more than something to talk about, and usually to laugh about; for a firm, it can be a perfect weapon with which to stand out and reach out to more people who can become leads.

Trade Marketing Examples

Any event that generates some interest among users of the social network can be a good example of a Trending Topic (TT). Since it normally consists of a hashtag, we can see, by entering the trends section of the portal, cases such as the famous #MundialRusia2018 or #LunaDeSangre; even though you can also find words without being hasthags. For example: summer vacation, exit operation, etc.

More information about the Trending Topic

It is a simple concept, but it has a great advantage and many different ways of coming out of nowhere. If you want to know more about the Trending Topic, take a look at the content of the following links.

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