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Semi-generic keywords

Semi-generic Keywords Concept

What are semi-generic keywords?

Semi-generic Keywords are those terms that have medium-level traffic and competition. If appropriate strategies and good optimization can be made using them, they can bring a large number of visits to the web that uses them.

To get the most out of them, it is absolutely necessary to use tools such as keyword planners, which are responsible for detecting both the potential at the level of traffic and how difficult it can be to position using those keywords. SEO specialists are more than familiar with this concept, and they also know how to get the most out of it.

Often times, these types of keywords They are used to determine categories that are just one level below the home page of a website. By concept and by use, they are also something common when talking about the design of a page, since they are used especially to mark the different sections, which would also influence the user experience and navigation.

Important inside and outside the field of positioning, semi-generic keywords are one of the necessary points of any self-respecting web page and simply wants to grow and position correctly.

What are semi-generic keywords for?

Las Semi-generic keywords are used to significantly boost the traffic of a website and, secondly, for guarantee a better experience for the user who browses it. Even though the latter falls on the role of those responsible for the page, who must be in charge of determining suitable categories, their role here is indisputable.

From this dynamics, with a good strategy that takes advantage of them properly and knows how to optimize them, any website can be placed in a quite beneficial position within the SERPs and, therefore, enjoy a much higher visibility. They are one of the necessary allies for any SEO professional worth its salt.

Examples of semi-generic keywords

To give examples of semi-generic Keywords, we are going to stay in the sector that corresponds to our online marketing agency, NeoAttack, to give a series of terms that are quite illustrative. Since we are looking for something of an almost generic nature, but with these relative competition overtones and without an abundance of uses, we could use terms such as the following:

  • Google adwords agency.
  • Natural positioning companies.
  • SEO campaigns.
  • Cpm agency.
  • Wordpress web design company.

These and many other keywords would serve and fit within this concept that we are talking about.

More information on semi-generic keywords

In case you need more information about semi-generic keywords, below we can offer you what you need through several links. The articles that we leave below contain interesting and important details in this regard, at the same time connecting with other concepts that are closely linked to what is discussed here.

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