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The main objective of the OffPage optimization is to enhance the reputation of a web portal. It can also be carried out with changes in the web portal such as the OnPage Optimization case. The fame of a web portal is determined simply by backlinks, that is, inbound links from external websites. Thanks to backlinks Link popularity flows freely across different websites, and Google considers it a very important factor in ranking.

Since December 2010 it is assumed that Social Signals, mentions of a web portal on social networks or blogs, has a positive effect on positioning.


Link Building

It is called link building to the structure of inbound links that a web portal presents and to its quality and relevance: it is a determining factor for positioning in search engines.

Quantitative factors

Generally the more backlinks have a web portal, the greater its popularity. To obtain this, different strategies can be carried out. According to Google, the most effective way is to do nothing: If the content of the web portal offers added value to the user, the user will recommend it in the form of backlinks to your web portal.

There are strategies such as reciprocal link exchange, blog comments, link buying, and web directory entries. These methods are totally discouraged since they cause an unnatural increase in links and do not meet the rules of Google, who penalizes this type of practice, Black Hat SEO. After several updates to its algorithms, Google identifies these methods and penalizes the websites that cause backlinks artificially.

Qualitative factors

To correctly interpret the backlinks of a web portal the search engines evaluate the quality of these links. The quality of the links is determined based on the following factors:

  • Relevance: Google algorithms detect if the landing page and the web portal that has the backlink they have a common theme. If not, the web portal will be penalized.
  • The Anchor textAlso known as the anchor text of the link, it is the part of the hyperlink that is clicked. It is advised to use keywords or combinations by which the landing page can be found.
  • The position of the links in the web portal. The highest rated links are generally placed in the content in a subjective part. Those that are located at the top of the web portal are less qualified.
  • The rel = "nofollow" links they are irrelevant since search engine crawlers should not go through these links (nofollow = do not follow).
  • Link building speed it must be natural. Generating too many links in too short a period of time is considered artificial and is penalized.

Web links

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