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NoScript is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox, which prevents content such as JavaScript, Flash or iFrames from loading on web pages. Its aim is to increase security while browsing and remove the most annoying commercial promotion when loading websites. The termNoScript it has a different meaning in HTML programming. When JavaScript is disabled, the tag ensures that the user can see the content.

The NoScript plugin

Giorgio Maone developed the plugin NoScript and it was released to the public for the first time in 2005. As of May 2014, it is enabled in version Since the release of the browser plug-ins, many bugs have been fixed and their functionality has been significantly improved. For example, protection against clickjacking and protection against cross-site scripting (XSS) have been optimized. At the same time, an option to import and export whitelists has been included.

To date, the NoScript It has been installed more than 2.3 million times (as of May 2015) in Firefox and is one of the most popular extensions for this browser. Many renowned journals and specialized authors recommend the use of NoScript for safer browsing. [1] The complement NoScript is enabled in the Mozilla Firefox web portal for your download.

Additional functions

The browser plug-in blocks the following by default when loading content from a web portal:

  • Javascript
  • java applets
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Adobe flash

and protects against:

  • Scripts for all sites
  • Clickjacking

Alternatively, you can also block frames and iframes.

Benefit for users

For private Firefox users, the plugin is recommended NoScriptas it can prevent harmful functions from running. Anyone who works with Firefox on a daily basis, for example as an SEO specialist, should be aware that many of the functions will not be able to be tested "live" when using Firefox. NoScript. JavaScript functions, for example, cannot be tested when the NoScript.

The noscript tag

The so-called label NoScript can be inserted in section - or - from an HTML document. Contains content that is displayed by a browser that has JavaScript disabled, or that cannot read those items. The

Operation and implementation of NoScript tags

SEO benefit

For a long time the element NoScriptt was used by SEOs to write additional content in the source code of a website. Sometimes large amounts of text were used to manipulate search engine rankings effectively. But Google has officially confirmed that robots can also read JavaScript and Flash. [2] All SEOs should be aware of the fact that the methods described above are classified as webspam and such actions inevitably lead to penalties, ranking losses or exclusions from the index.

Web Links

In the NoScript plugin:

In the NoScript tag:

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