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Meta Keywords

Meta Keywords Concept

What are Meta Keywords?

Meta keywords are a concept that has been deprecated, but was previously vital for the search engine optimization, mainly in the Google search engine. It consists of a series of meta tags with which, by means of the introduction of keywords, the search engine could be indicated what was the content or theme of a web page. Today, its use is null due to its total uselessness.

Today, it is the content that exists developed on the page, the distribution of the keywords in this, the labels Meta Title and Meta Description, on whom the weight of positioning and theme falls when the search engine scans an online portal. Meta keywords are no longer used, since the google algorithms They have evolved to focus on other, much more important fields rather than focus on a cloud of terms that can be quite confusing.

They can continue to be used today, but both SEO Consultants as Google itself insist that it is no longer useful. On the contrary, all it does is thicken the lines of code on a page, which can even result in something more harmful than beneficial if performance and load times deteriorate.

In short, they are a totally obsolete element and something that is not part of any SEO positioning strategy nowadays, unless there is a modification in the search engine algorithms to take them back into account.

What are Meta Keywords for?

Being quick and clear, Meta keywords are useless. Before, its task was to indicate the theme and dictate to Google which were the keywords for which a page should be positioned; In spite of everything, the evolution of the search engine has made it focus on other aspects, leaving these meta tags completely aside.

They are obsolete, they have been left behind as something outdated and useless. Any professional in organic positioning will insist that they are not used and, in reality, they should not be implemented unless you want to waste time or add lines to the code of a website with empty code.

Examples of Meta Keywords

Today, it is impossible to find examples of Meta keywords since no online portal uses them for positioning. In spite of everything, we can raise an assumption starting from our cover, If we used these meta tags to enter keywords, we would have to add lines like the following to the code of this website:

Without a maximum length, terms could continue to be added to find more combinations to rank with. Fortunately, it is something that is obsolete and it is not necessary to go over how to approach it.

More information about Meta Keywords

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