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The term Low Hanging Fruits it is a metaphor that establishes all those simple tasks that must be done first. That is, it represents what helps you achieve success easily and without too much effort.

It is mainly used in sales that are easy to reach and whose services and products are easy to distribute.

This term comes from the business sector: tasks that add value quickly without much effort and that must be done first.

Relevance for SEO

This term applied to SEO encompasses measures that with little effort bring good results. For example, OnPage Optimization and OffPage Optimization measures that quickly improve rankings in SERPs. Or they improve KPIs, performance keys, such as increasing traffic and user dwell time. Even small factors that negatively impact Bounce Rate can be easily eliminated. Adaptations in the title or Meta Description with improvements in the keywords used lead to fast results in positioning. Changing the URL for specific categories takes a few minutes and packs a punch.


All these changes have the main objective of increasing the conversion rate. It is recommended to use, for example, keywords long tail, those less popular, since the competition is much lower and users tend to carry out more specific searches, so the results are generally very positive.

In OffPage optimization the Backlink they are the generally used measure that quickly helps to improve positioning (In, online magazines with posts that contain direct links to your web portal thanks to the interesting concept of your web portal). Even customer ratings have a positive effect.

However there are no specific measures of «Low Hanging Fruits», each webmaster has to do an analysis of his company, sector and industry to identify which measures are the best adapted to his web portal.

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