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Next and prev binding elements

Concept of link elements next and prev

What are the link elements next and prev?

The link elements next and prev are a way to mark the contents of a website suggested and launched by Google years ago. It is something that is usually indicated in the items of the links so that the search engine can know the pages that are related and the order to be followed with them.

Given its concept, it is something that is highly recommended to obtain a good organic positioning in the eyes of the search engine, even though it is not mandatory at all. In reality, not all websites use these items when assigning their links, since it requires an additional effort to follow the pattern indicated by the search engine.

Web developers have to implement a couple of additional lines on each and every page of a website if they want Google to know how to properly interpret the order in which they are to be followed. It is something that especially influences the positioning and, in the same way, the usability of any web portal in which it is used.

On the other hand, using the link elements next and prev only makes sense if a sequential order is defined to navigate through certain parts of a web. If you are looking for something branched, it should not be used as it is meaningless.

What are the link elements next and prev for?

As we have spoken before, the next and prev link elements have as their main utility to indicate to Google what is the proper order to move through a group of pages within the same web. Consequently, it is something that also influences the positioning, since the search engine determines that, if it is easier for him, it will also be so for the user who navigates.

Due to this, it also becomes important in the field of web usability, since it makes it easier for consumers to find the pages related to each other when carrying out their searches, and that allows them faster and more direct access to the data, at the same time allow good pagination.

Next and prev Binding Elements examples

As Examples of Link Elements next and prev we can find many in the network. In spite of everything, for this occasion we are going to resort to a practical case, showing the code to be put into practice on the websites where they are used.

Taking a look at the blog of NeoAttack, our agency, we can see that it is paged for easy access to all publications. If the following code is inserted in the pagination links, a good interpretation by Google is guaranteed:

  • Inside the main page:
  • Inside page 2:

More information on the link elements next and prev

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