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A Conversion Funnel It covers all the conversion items and is a very useful tool for optimizing the web portal. The term Conversion Funnel, or Funnel conversion in English, it comes from E-Commerce.

A conversion represents a specific action or "change" such as a visitor making a purchase and becoming a customer. The conversion It is measured by the Conversion Ratio which, following the previous example, corresponds to the number of buyers: percentage of visits that have ended up buying something.


The word "Funnel" means funnel, and includes all the steps that users follow from entering a web portal until, for example, they make a purchase. The main goal of getting the most out of the conversion funnel is minimize the number of visitors leaving the web portal so that sales increase.

The conversion funnel It ranges from the moment a user clicks on an ad until the purchase is completed. In each and every one of the sections of the conversion funnel, we also obtain "Micro Conversions".



  • In the first stage the user comes across the well-known 'Landing Page. A page designed above all to clearly present a product offer to the user, for example. They are normally used in advertising campaigns since they do not take the user to the main page but directly to the product page where they find all the information and can make the purchase.
  • The second stage is the online form in which the user enters their data such as, for example, the surname, the address of the purchase shipment or the payment data. Using another button, the user reaches the penultimate page where all the information is confirmed.
  • The last stage is about completing the purchase and thus the conversion and the conversion ratio increases.

Optimization possibilities

According to the report of "ECommerce Trend Report 2004" From DoubleClick, only a quarter of all users of a web portal end up checking out in the same session. Most users return to the web portal after a couple of weeks and complete the purchase. To increase the chances of the purchase being made in the same session, different optimization strategies can be carried out. According to this study, customer ratings help increase trust in users and ultimately increase sales and, perhaps, build customer loyalty.

Another alternative is the use of multimedia commercial promotion, such as Flash, which provides content that encourages the purchase. The design of the web must be oriented to sales since it has a considerable impact on them.

To avoid the risk of potential customers leaving the web portal (that is, the Bounce Rate decreases - "Bounce Rate) it is recommended to redirect the ad user directly to the product. In spite of everything, if many clicks are needed to get from the ad to the product to be marketed, the chances of abandonment increase considerably.

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