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Display Marketing

The Display commercial promotion, Display Marketing in English, it is an online advertising format that contains images and the Internet is the medium through which the advertising message is distributed and broadcast. In a display ad campaign Items such as images, texts and videos that appear on computer screens and mobile devices are used.

These ads have as their main objective improve the perception that the user has of the product, the brand or the company. Advertisements with banners, for example, are part of the display commercial promotion - one of the most traditional forms of commercial promotion on the Internet.

General information

Online advertising campaigns contain graphic items such as banners, purchase buttons, texts and images. Users encounter these ads when they visit a web portal in which they are embedded. The ads redirect to the web portal of the advertiser company (Eg Landing Page).

The advertising campaign is carried out by the advertiser for 'convey a specific message through the ad, and publishes it with the help of the advertiser, who offers his advertising space on, for example, his web portal or server. It is the advertiser who is in charge of preparing the advertising material and the publicist who is in charge of publishing it and finding the space to advertise it. The display commercial promotion It has different formats depending on where you want to advertise. For example:

  • Traditional banners
  • Pop-ups, Pop-under, Layer Ads
  • Skyscraper Banners, Page Robo, Leaderboards
  • Content ads and sponsored content
  • Verbal Placements and text links
  • Rich Media commercial promotion such as Interstitials and Superstitials ads
  • Flash-Videos, Streaming Videos or E-Mercials


The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau - Interactive Commercial Promotion Office) suggests other different commercial promotion formats, even though they are not mandatory. In Germany, it is the group of online sellers (OVK: Online-Vermarkterkreis) the one who deals with these matters.

At the same time, there are formats that use modern technologies such as HTML5 for animations or complex Targeting, Retargeting and Tracking methods that help increase effectiveness. Exactly developments in the cell phone field, images and Big data they open up a whole range of possibilities in online commercial promotion.

Display Commercial Promotion Classes

  • Commercial promotion network
  • Affiliate network
  • Betting in real time
  • Results Marketing
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Contextual segmentation
  • Native commercial promotion
  • Multichannel Marketing: adapts to all channels such as mobile phones, tablets, PC screens, etc.


To carry out a display ad campaign You should first consider whether it is worth renting or buying the advertising space on the advertising portal. The operation of the online commercial promotion is similar to that of the offline commercial promotion of newspapers and magazines. The advertiser reserves the advertising space where the advertiser will present the advertisement, the only difference is the means of communication used (Internet or newspaper). The calculation of the impact achieved through the advertisement is much more precise on the Internet since there is a range of possibilities to obtain this information: the TKP, CPC, CPL, CPS or even a combination of them.


  • Greater scope of the campaign
  • Available to different social segments
  • Lots of variety of formats adaptable to the target audience
  • Mobile responsive ads
  • Effective tracking methods and cookies
  • Good purchase incentives
  • Brand image enhancement
  • Greater reach of the brand to different segments
  • Ease of monitoring and reporting


Due to the exorbitant number of ads present on the network, users have developed a kind of blindness to online ads, known in English as Banner Blindness. Reflecting the demand, various apps have even been developed, such as the Ad-Blocker, which block these types of ads.

Currently, banners Conventionals have a very low visit rate (approximately 0.1%) and many times users click on the ads on mobile devices unintentionally.

Some display ads may not please the user and cause negative effects on the brand: display commercial promotion It can damage the image of the brand in certain specific environments.

Relevance for Online Marketing

The Display commercial promotion it is still the most common form of online business promotion. It is estimated an approximate turnover of 1.5 Billion Euros globally - between the Online market and the cell phone. The highest growth rate is observed in mobile devices with a result of 52%. It is Smartphone Marketing and commercial promotion with interactive images that are on the rise and, thus, it is here that advertisers have the opportunity to target a young audience and increase acceptance and interaction in a significant way.

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