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The cross-selling (cross-selling) is a definition of Marketing that encompasses measures related to the sale of complementary products or services. That is, the customer / consumer is offered products related to the product or service in which they are interested.


The main objective of cross-selling it is increase revenue from each sale and to achieve this, complementary products are presented next to the post that the customer is about to buy. They are generally complementary products like a battery for a notebook. But in addition, products from a completely different sector may be present.

Sometimes it happens that certain posts are just at the level or even below the cost price to encourage the purchase of products that have a much higher profit margin. A proof that the strategy of cross-selling has been successful is when a customer who has already made a purchase buys again from the same store. Often used on existing clients, it also works very well for potential new clients.

Benefits for the seller

Reduction of sales costs since the customer is already in the store and shows interest in the product. Taking care of existing customers generates great utility: price sensitivity of these customers decreases and they tend to invest more money since they are aware of the quality that is offered to them. Other advantages of cross-selling They are: greater scope of potential potential clients (Scope of Commercial Promotion), improvement of the relationship with the client and increased sales.


Currently there are many examples of such a strategy both in offline stores and those online.

  • In the supermarkets there are offers that change daily: art products, clothes, toys, furniture, etc.
  • At dealerships the sale of cars with extra winter wheels or, for example, with a credit is offered.
  • Barber offers a special gel throughout the haircut.
  • At gas stations All kinds of products are offered such as magazines, sweets, snacks and posts for daily use.
  • In the pharmacy there are not only medicines but also personal hygiene posts.

Cross-Selling and Online Stores

In online stores the cross-selling makes a big impact as an additional purchase can be obtained with just one click and purchase decisions are often made in seconds. The operation of this strategy can be seen in the YouTube video "Emotional Selling: Cross Selling". The cross-selling in online stores it is implemented using automatic tools that are integrated into the store's respective systems. There are two technical options that depend on the system used:

  • The operator sets keywords associated with the post. Based on the keywords, the relative posts will be displayed.
  • The operator maintains a record of the products related to a specific post that will appear as part of the strategy cross-selling.

In practice, the cross-selling It is located in the interface of a store below a post or to its right with a title equal to or similar to the examples below:

  • "We also suggest the following products"
  • "Customers who bought this product also acquired ..."
  • "Best-selling products in this category"
  • "Accessories for this product"
  • "Similar products"

It is also possible to tag a product with keywords that apply to that product.

Example Cross Selling.png

Importance for SEO

In online stores the cross-selling plays an important role for SEO. It is evident that for large stores it is not feasible to have relevant content and external links of all the products that are offered and in this way their indexing is more complicated. That is why it is essential and helpful to carry out a good internal structure of links, internal linking.

On each post page you can find internal links to other pages and in this way you can link all the products so that search engine robots can find them easily At the same time, with a good internal link structure you can improve the positioning in the Google search engine. Ideally each product page should contain about 10 internal links. That is, to ensure a correct redistribution of the Juice Link throughout the web portal.

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