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Cost Per Click (CPC)


The cost per click (Cost Per Click - CPC) is a billing method in Online Marketing, similar to CPM. The CPC follow the same method as the PPC (Pay Per Click). With this method, advertisers pay for each click received on the ad (such as a text link, banner or video). This video can be published, for example, in the app Came. Similarly, advertisers receive commission based on CPC. For example, many trade promotion networks like Google AdWords and AdSense rely heavily on this method.

General information

To determine what the payout is for an online advertising campaign, advertisers need to determine advertisers' commission based on a quantitative method. The number of clicks is an accounting measure that can be easily reviewed, even though there are still cases of fraud to that end. The tracking of the number of clicks on the websites and the origin of these can be reviewed with the Google Analytics tool. Clicks can also be easily obtained through AdServer.


The price of a click can vary from just a few cents to double-digit amounts. The price of CPC It depends on many factors.

Factors for advertisers

  • The quality of the page where the ad appears: very popular portals have a CPC higher
  • Type of advertising material: clicks from banners probably require a larger ad network than those coming from text links
  • Where the ad is placed on the web portal: the CPC of an ad on the home page is always higher than on other pages
  • In the Google AdWords search engine, the price is defined by an auction and, in this way, depends on the number of competitors and the amount of bets
  • The sector: CPC of highly competitive industries is higher (Eg financial sector)
  • Trade promotion volume: when large-scale advertising campaigns are carried out, prices are lowered

For advertisers

  • Quality of your website
  • CTR of your web portal
  • Your platform rank
  • Relevance of your website relative to advertising material

Therefore, the CPC ends up being a connection point between the CPC advertiser and advertiser.

There are many tips to get the most out of your CPC ', especially for ads using Google AdWords and AdSense, such as the following websites: AdSense optimization and optimizing AdWords CPCs.

Advantages and disadvantages of CPC

The cost per click, CPC, can be easily calculated by, for example, the evaluation log. At the same time, the CPC offers clear and solid bases for calculating the advertising budget that facilitates the creation of an offer for the advertiser.

A disadvantage of CPC is that the number of clicks can be generated in a very simple way and advertisers can be easily fooled. At the same time, the accounting of the CPC It covers the total number of clicks and, in this way, a user who has entered that link several times will also count in the CPC. In that case, the price of the ad campaign can increase quickly and go out of budget.

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