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Conversion Optimization

The conversion optimization, also known as CRO: Conversion Rate Optimization, is an important part of Online Marketing. Its objective is to increase the Conversion Ratio. With the help of the conversion optimization, entrepreneurs can apply measures of success, find out future possible outcomes, and calculate the ROI - Return on Investment - more easily. He CRO it affects SEO and SEA and covers different aspects of a web portal.


Online Marketing is a very extensive and quite young discipline. There are different mechanisms to review the possibilities of conversion optimization. A well-known method is A / B Testing which analyzes websites to find out which version of a web portal involves the highest conversion. The key performance indicators (KPI), the Bounce Rate and the CTR provide very useful information to carry out a strategy of conversion optimization.

Conversion is a very broad concept that ranges from insurance, newsletter subscriptions to even downloads of an application or a document. The optimization strategy must be tailored to each objective.


There are several different methods for make the most of the conversion rate of a company. The decision must be made based on a proper analysis. Some points to start with are:

Shopping cart optimization

The order procedure is one of the most critical points in online stores and can have a negative impact on conversion. This happens if the purchase procedure is too complicated or does not provide sufficient confidence and security to the customer. It is recommended to offer trust signals on the web portal, such as a quality seal or customer opinions.

Optimization of usability

Is it easy to find the product I want? Does my online store adapt to mobile devices? These are just some of the questions regarding the conversion optimization in the field of usability. The analysis Usability Test It is useful to review what the optimization potentials of a web portal are.

Content optimization

Sometimes a low conversion can be due to content: low-quality content, not very relevant, or not enough call-to-action items.

Layout settings

The conversion can also be increased through design improvements. The Neuromarketing helps when choosing which colors to use on the web portal: it has been proven that some colors can influence user behavior. At the same time, the images help in the process of buying an online store.

Mobile device optimization

Due to an increase in online commerce through mobile devices, the measures of conversion rate optimization they should also include mobile devices. In connection with BE, there are other measures that can be used to increase the conversion rate, such as selecting the position of the ads in the Google AdWords search engine, etc.

The general sales procedure is of crucial importance for conversion optimization. Starting from maintaining a constant brand identity, social media campaigns to choosing payment methods. Therefore, each and every one of the Online Marketing measures must be considered as a contribution to the optimization of the conversion ratio (CRO).

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