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Content Marketing

The Content marketing It is a Marketing technique that aims to generate a link with potential customers and existing customers without immediately demonstrating sales intentions. The main objective of Content marketing is to create a good relationship with customers. It is also used to increase popularity, brand development, launch new products, and build an expert reputation (Thought-Leadership).


The Content marketing use texts, images, multimedia files, graphics, etc. of high quality that offer information to the public you want to reach. Offers educational materialIn other words, the user receives instructions on how to simplify their daily tasks. What's more offers entertainment: the user has fun with the content. In other words, the user receives ideas that could be useful in his personal and professional life. Users are generally looking for useful content such as informational messages and entertainment. Another version of the Content marketing is he Blog Marketing. At Content marketing The material is published in different communication media, such as, for example, on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, E-Books or YouTube.


The Content marketing it is fundamental to business strategy. By applying it correctly and efficiently, the company can reach a greater number of users and satisfy their needs more easily thanks to a stable relationship between the company and the customer.

With a better reputation, the value of the company in the market and its profits will increase. Many users become regular customers by subscribing to informational materials, such as the newsletter. At the same time, customers can interact on the web portal through posts, for example, which help the company identify the needs of its customers and differentiate itself from its competitors by offering content more in line with the tastes of its users.

From the point of view of SEO, it is recommended to review the Text / HTML ratio. This shows the percentage link between the text of a web portal versus the number of codes that are used to display it.

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