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Beta software


Beta Software Concept

What is beta software?

A beta software, which is also known as a dry beta, is a program that is near its final stage of development and that can be functional, but lacks the final touches that give shape to the finished product. It is a definition that is used mainly to talk about the last stages of the production of computer apps.

Before this category we can find alpha software, much more rudimentary and basic, and therefore with more errors to be solved by the team after the development of the program in question. Total, You can talk about five versions of a software depending on the state in which it is within the development cycle: pre-alpha, alpha, beta, candidate for final (RC) and version of general availability (final, RTM).

Any tool, application or, basically, program that reaches the market, previously goes through this phase, since it is at the same time in the middle of the entire development cycle. On some occasions, companies open this version to the public or to a specific range of users to collect feedback and perform tests that help detect errors.

Thus, the beta Software is a stage that any programmer or team of programmers goes through when developing some type of digital tool. Users are also already familiar with this concept, since many companies, as we said, allow them the possibility of entering these early versions before their final release.

What is beta software for?

The purpose of a beta software is to show the progress of the entire software project and begin to detect more advanced errors. In general, both the interface and the main mechanisms are already completed, and the rest is to carry out an intense testing session to detect bugs, which are known as bugs in programming.

For any company, A beta is the best way to establish the advancement of whatever tool you are creating. In fact, if it is something you are going to release to the public, you can use it to give a sneak peek of what you are doing and allow the audience to experience it first hand. It is something useful, since at the same time it serves to allow a test before launch, it also serves to extract information about errors or even feedback from the audience.

Beta Software Examples

There are many examples of beta software that we can see by taking a look at the internet, mainly if we look at the video game industry, where they have become an interesting commercial proposition. In the following article you can see some known betas: 11 apps with beta version.

More information about Beta Software

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