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Affiliate Code

The Affiliate Code used to track conversions and clicks in affiliate marketing. The advertiser uploads advertising material, which the affiliate downloads already tracked with his unique code.


Affiliate marketing is an important aspect of online business promotion. While adware, such as Google AdWords, calculate based on clicks, affiliates only receive a commission when the user has made the agreed-upon conversion after the click. This can be a lead or a purchase (sale).

In search engine business promotion it is irrelevant where the customer comes from, but clear allocation is essential in affiliate marketing so that commissions can be paid after a conversion. This is ensured by using the affiliate code or affiliate code.


Affiliate codes can be embedded in text links, image links, or banner links. Videos or other types of files can also be tagged with a code that simplifies tracking. Affiliate networks also assign affiliate IDs found in the respective tracking code.

Such code generally contains the following components:

  • Destination link: Ad destination URL is added here.
  • Affiliate ID: This is the individual number by which each publisher / affiliate can be identified.
  • Ad ID: This shows the ad that led to the conversion.
  • Image url: In the case of advertisements, this is the URL used to access the AdServer or the ad partner's server.

Example of an affiliate code

An affiliate code can look like this:


Affiliate codes are usually embedded using a little JavaScript. Alternatively, you can also add an HTML code. At the same time of images and text, you can also use CSV files and RSS feeds to integrate the code in a web. Using CSV lists, promotional material can be dynamically displayed on publishers' respective websites, such as Amazon product advertisements.

Practical application

To increase the number of conversions and thus the amount of commissions paid, it is essential to choose appropriate advertising material for affiliates. Making the most of the link target can also be advantageous. For example, a deep link that points directly to a special offer from the merchant should be used.

In the case of partner programs, distributors are the main providers of collateral. The higher the number of ads and the more attractive their structure, the more likely it is that affiliates will use them and enroll in the corresponding program.

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