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WhatsApp is the most used messaging application on the planet. I'm not sure I reached 5 billion downloads, but the second app I didn't get from Google.

As with most of the most downloaded and popular applications among mobile device users, WhatsApp also has an alternative version with similar characteristics of the application, as can be found in apk /.

We have WhatsApp plus, a modified version and the official Facebook application that has more options and customization functions that are not available in the official messaging application.

The modified version of the instant messaging application was developed by the Spanish programmer known as Rafalense in 2012. This developer modified the original WhatsApp application to add more options and customization features.

This version is designed for those users looking for a greater level of customization for WhatsApp , which includes a wide variety of themes and backgrounds, as well as a large number of available emoticons. In this way, users can enjoy the original WhatsApp but they are fully customizable.

A customization that practically covers any part of the application, from themes created by other users that change the interface of the colors and the size of the emoticons.

Pros and cons of WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus offers many benefits compared to the official version. In addition to fully customizing the layout of the platform, this modified version has a "stealth mode" that allows you to choose a closure and a time for other contacts to switch as your last connection.

In addition, it also has the option to disable blue double check for conference confirmation . These privacy features are highly valued by users.

In fact, the official version of WhatsApp has been precisely the center of critical criticism for its lack of privacy in recent times.

More on the privacy aspect, WhatsApp Plus improves the sharing functions, allowing share any type of file up to 50MB in size and includes a messaging scheduler to automatically send the text you want to the user at a specific time.

There is no doubt that WhatsApp Plus cares about the good news regarding the official version of the messaging app. However, this modified version also has some drawbacks.

For example, it is not possible to receive updates at the same speed as other WhatsApp users, which is not available on official Google Play and App Store, so you have to install them manually.

In addition, the function of making backups and saving them to Google Drive is also available, so these backups must be stored in the internal memory of the device.

Once the drawbacks of WhatsApp Plus are known, it is up to the user to decide if it is worth using this modified version and enjoy its benefits, which is good to continue using the official application.

WhatsApp Plus for iPhone

Unfortunately at the moment there is no version for iPhone.

How to install WhatsApp Plus on PC?

For install whatsapp Plus on PC you must follow the same steps. But since Windows is not compatible with Android, you need to Install an Android emulator first. In this case we recommend you install Bluestacks. In the Navigator go to the URL of apk / download the APK is install it as if it were from a mobile