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One of the WhatsApp functions that has had the most repercussions since its inception was not the variety of emojis or how easy it is to add contacts from the beginning, but WhatsApp groups. More and more people create or join different groups with the most varied themes.

For example, the most common types of groups are family, work, college or university classmates, friends, business, buying and selling, informational, community, and many more.

The fact that a large number of users participate in a certain group can be the trigger for a series of problems, conflicts and frictions, which makes it difficult to survive within a WhatsApp group.

This is mainly due to the fact that many of the participants do not respect the rules of coexistence and unnecessarily complicate interactions. Undoubtedly the end result is that a large number of users avoid being in groups unless absolutely necessary.

But how to avoid feeling overwhelmed by one of the WhatsApp groups? Or even how to avoid being one of the annoying members of the group? It's simple, just follow some basic rules of behavior and everyone will be happy.


Rules of behavior in WhatsApp Groups

Each WhatsApp group is different, and the members much more, so it is necessary to have a kind of "code of ethics" or "civility" regarding the behavior that is going to be exhibited, and these are some points that are they must be aware of to avoid conflict and / or become the "annoying member" of the group.

1) Rules to avoid problems

Each group is different, they have a specific reason for being since they were created for a certain purpose. For example, it is not the same WhatsApp groups of friends than those of work, or those of school.

Therefore, each user must behave according to the purpose of the group in which he is participating. It is not correct to send recipes to a group dedicated to neighborhood meetings, or photos of the most recent party to the work group.

It is important to respect the groups, write only when necessary and with the right information. Very long texts that go around the same topic are annoying for many, after all, you are not writing for yourself but for others.

2) Avoid chains

WhatsApp chains are a double-edged sword, on the one hand many are hoaxes, that is, they are false news created with the intention of misinforming and that, due to their alarmist nature, are forwarded immediately without verifying their content.

It also happens that these messages include links to fraudulent websites, which can steal personal information or introduce viruses to mobile devices. On the other hand, users often resend the same chain without checking to see if it was previously sent, which causes important information to be lost among all chains.

The healthiest thing is to avoid being one of those users who indiscriminately send chains to WhatsApp groups, it is about being aware of the messages that are being transmitted and thinking if the information is really relevant or not.

3) Early morning messages

Yes, it is possible to mute groups, but many people have reasons not to turn off the sound for group notifications. WhatsApp groups, so you have to be respectful and avoid, if possible, sending messages after hours.

It is the equivalent of calling someone on the phone in the early morning: you will interrupt their sleep and, unless it is a real emergency, you will cause great annoyance to other people.

4) Audios

Audios can be practical when the tone of the message is required to be understood. But many users send endless audios repeating the same information, just for not writing a concise message. Or worse, some members send audios with music that can be annoying and inconvenient.

These audios tend to take up a large amount of space unnecessarily in cell phone memory. So if audios are sent, they should be brief, less than a minute long, and only in situations that warrant it.


5) Capitalization and writing with others in mind

When you write a message in the WhatsApp groupsYou have to take into account some factors: you write for all members, there is no character limit and there are spelling rules for a reason.

For example, writing in capital letters is one of those things that should be avoided as much as possible, since in the digital world capital letters are the written equivalent of screaming. Many do it because it seems better to them, but if what you want is that everyone understands the message correctly and does not find it annoying, capital letters should only be used as they correspond.

Likewise, until not long ago it was necessary to abbreviate words due to the character limits of SMS, but that time is over, so unnecessarily shortening words will be annoying for more educated members.

Proper use of punctuation marks cannot be neglected as it is a recurring mistake for some members to use question marks (?) When their intention is to make an exclamation (!). The same goes for using (or lack of use) of the commas in the indicated places.

A badly written message will inevitably be misinterpreted, and it can cause a series of problems without any need. Writing appropriately is a way of respecting others.

6) Don't abuse emojis

It is not the same to participate in one of the funny whatsapp groups than in one of the workgroups, so the use of emojis must be controlled. It is true that emojis help to graphically express some things such as feelings and emotions, but many are used without any compelling reason.

The use (or abuse) of emojis can make any message less serious, so it is best to reduce its use as much as possible and only reserve it for appropriate situations. Likewise, sending a single emoji of each type is enough, it is not necessary to place the same emoji several times in a row in the same message. And the same applies to stickers, don't forget.

How to relax and have fun in a WhatsApp group?

If what you want is to have a fun WhatsApp group, without rules, where you can laugh and enjoy with your friends, family or colleagues, the ideal is to create a WhatsApp group especially for that purpose, and these are some tips and ideas that could be you useful:


Topic ideas for funny whatsapp groups

Spam is one of the great enemies of many groups (without forgetting that it is a prohibited practice explicitly by WhatsApp and by which they can limit the use to a user), but if what you want is to create WhatsApp groups with funny subjects where you are free to “spam”, these ideas for WhatsApp group names could be useful for you.

In the case of family groups, some popular ideas are: Incredibles, Family things, Writing ... Writing ..., Paranormal, the family madhouse, dad reads here, DNA and stuff, No one lives here, among others .

For WhatsApp groups of friends, some fun suggestions would be: The superfriends, Avengers, Who brings ice, lemon, coke ... ?, X-men, those that the devil put together, Friends, 404 error, Inopportune, FriendZone, The Dark Side, Disney Princesses, among others.

There are many other ideas of funny names for WhatsApp groups, and surely with some creativity you can create the perfect subject for your group.

Where to get images for funny whatsapp groups?

Everyone loves funny images or memes, and of course many cannot miss the slightest opportunity to be able to forward them to WhatsApp groups. One of the best sources to get these funny memes or images is social networks.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are an inexhaustible source of updated memes that will surely be useful to you. Likewise, a large number of funny images can be obtained with a simple search through Google or any other online search engine.

Ideas for making games in whatsapp groups

When you want to have a good time interacting with the other members of the group, an excellent option is the WhatsApp group games. There are many types of games, and if done properly, everyone is sure to have a good time.

One of the most popular are challenges, and is that the organizer creates a list of, for example, 10 challenges, then the other members must select a number from 1 to 10 and, later, the organizer will send them the challenge that corresponds to them comply.

Another popular option is "one line stories", where one member sends a line of text, and the other members add lines to it until they create a collective story, the results can be hilarious.

In any case, what really matters is that all members of the group feel comfortable in it, so it is important to follow the rules of coexistence so that everyone can interact with the necessary fluency.