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Do you want to dedicate a cute status to your boyfriend and show how much you love him? Are you looking for something really special? CONGRATULATIONS! Surprise your boyfriend with this selection of the best WhatsApp statuses full of tenderness and love.

In this new digital age, the tendency to show our affection to people through social networks has emerged. If we browse platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, we can find several of these dedications of love to a special person.

WhatsApp is not something that escapes from this. The most popular instant messaging application on the market has evolved over the years, bringing with it new tools and functions. Among them are the states, those short stories that we can place on our profile for 24 hours.

If they are one of those who like to show how much they love a person, and they love to dedicate details through digital platforms, then these statuses to dedicate to a boyfriend on WhatsApp, is exactly what they need.

This is a great way to bring a smile to that special someone and. It is also a way of making others see how in love they are, and that no matter what they may think, they are happy and they are not afraid to show it and show it off.

States of love for my boyfriend

With these phrases for WhatsApp statuses You can show your boyfriend how much you love him, he could even fall in love with you more.

  1. When I met you, that's when I finally began to have the experience of truly living.
  2. You weren't late, I don't know if you were early either. I just know that in this moment you make me happy.
  3. For you my love is like the sea, I can see the beginning, but never the end.
  4. The silence of our words can only mean an intense conversation with our lips.
  5. I know you are not perfect, but you are special enough to make me happy, and that is enough.
  6. Tonight I only need something to be happier, and that is for you to be by my side to hug you.
  7. I have lived good and memorable moments, then there are those that I have lived by your side from day one.
  8. As a child I dreamed of a perfect love, growing up I understood that it was not so simple ... until I met you.
  9. At your side time stops, and at the same time passes in a sigh.
  10. If meeting was already written, now is the time to make our own ending.
  11. Give me a reason not to love that smile you have, and I'll shut you up with a kiss.
  12. I know I did not give you the first kiss, but I assure you that I am the one who gave you the truest.

WhatsApp statuses for my short boyfriend

Now, if you are not good at writing a lot, or prefer to say what you feel in a few words, here are some states WhatsApp shorts to dedicate to that special person.

  1. Today I opened my eyes wanting to hug you.
  2. I love you the same way you love my flaws.
  3. I like the idea of living our forever.
  4. I'm dying to give you the next kiss.
  5. Ten seconds by your side I will remember them all my life.
  6. I don't know how I got to do it, I just know that I love you.
  7. I did not expect to be experiencing something so beautiful.
  8. I will always love you.
  9. Can I love you more? I doubt that.
  10. I don't need you to talk to me, your look says it all.
  11. I will always love you as I want to be loved.
  12. I love the sighs you let out for me.
  13. The synonym for everything good in me has two letters: You.
  14. You are one of the most beautiful coincidences.
  15. The frequency of my states increases with each new memory.

Who says you can't say what it takes in a nutshell?

WhatsApp statuses to fall in love

Now, if what you want is to be in the mind of that boy all day, we have some quite useful states that can help you to make him fall in love every day with a single phrase.

  1. Today I will safely do three things: Hug you, kiss you and tell you how much I love you.
  2. If falling in love once seemed difficult to me, I did not imagine doing it every day ... with you it has been very easy.
  3. If I am silent and I look at you, many are the beautiful things that go through my mind.
  4. With a single kiss I want to tell you everything that I cannot express in words
  5. I have a starting point for knowing when I really started living, and that point is on the day I met you.
  6. Count the steps from here to the moon, and they will not be enough to measure the distance it would travel for you.
  7. When I dream of you I don't want to wake up, and when I'm with you I don't want to get away.
  8. My cheeks already hurt from how much I smile when I'm next to you.
  9. The time you occupy in my mind is divided into 16 hours while I am awake, and 8 hours when I sleep.
  10. I don't need you to love me anymore, just knowing that you love me the same way is enough.

WhatsApp statuses of true love

With these states that we are going to give below, you can express the authentic love they have for that person. Deeper and tender things to touch that boy's heart.

  1. You whispered in my ear that you loved me, and I didn't think it was possible, but time stopped.
  2. How do I know that I'm in love? Because I see my world in your eyes, and your smile every time I close mine.
  3. The only time I want us to give ourselves is the future.
  4. Now he surely smiled every day thanks to you and your ideas.
  5. Until recently I only knew how to love, but now you have taught me to love.

With these WhatsApp statuses you already have what you need, the words that best express what you feel ready to be dedicated. And don't be afraid to give it a more personal touch, that will undoubtedly make the message more special.