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Millions are the people who use TikTok every day, either for entertainment or to upload content to this special social network. Surely on a couple of occasions you have come across a TikTok that you think would look great as a wallpaper, but it happens!not an image that can be set as wallpaper!

If you have found yourself in this situation, stay here, because today we show you how to do what seems impossible, through the topic How to put or set TikTok videos as wallpaper on my cell phone

Steps to put or set TikTok videos as wallpaper on my Android cell phone

On other occasions we have explained all kinds of TikTok video themes, like how to download videos from TikTok or how to add lyrics and texts to videos, as well as a good number of other topics of this nature, so it was time to talk about the topic today.

Pay close attention to the point by point that we will explain below, so that you can place any TikTok video as a wallpaper on your Android cell phone:

  • The first thing you should do is download an external application to your mobile device to achieve your mission, which is TikTok wall image, which is an official TikTok plugin
  • After you have installed this application on your cell phone, you must have access to the TikTok application regularly and locate the video that you want to set as the wallpaper.
  • When you have located the video, you must click on the arrow to share the video and slide the different options until you reach a call. Animated photo, what should you choose


  • After downloading the previously chosen video, you must choose Determine wallpaper so that with this action the chosen video remains as the wallpaper, of course, you will also have the option to place it as the background of the lock screen

It is important to note that once you use that TikTok add-on, in said add-on application it is automatically saved in the animated photo gallery all the videos, to make it easier to locate and find them in the next possibility.

Furthermore it is essential to warn you that if for any reason you delete the companion app then the option to put wallpaper videos will be disabled and the animated photos in the gallery will disappear

This is all the procedure that merits placing a TikTok video as a wallpaper in the case of those who own Android cell phones, despite everything, in the same way as for the iPhone, steps a little different from the previous ones are required.

How to set a TikTok wallpaper video on iPhone

If you already have experience with how to upload photos, videos and audios to TikTok, you just need to know how to set it as wallpapers:

  • The first thing you will do is locate and open the TikTok application and put the video that you intend to have as your wallpaper
  • Now you must press the share icon, better known for being the drawing of an arrow
  • Once you select this option, you have to click on the option Live photo so that the video is automatically and effortlessly converted from you into an animated photo


  • After this, you must open the Photos application on your iPhone to find the animated photo that you saved.
  • Once you locate the animated photo, you have to click on the share icon and then choose the option Use as wallpaper

With the above procedure you can wonderfully place any video that appears on TikTok as your iPhone's wallpaper, so you can see that video that you liked so much every time you take a look at your cell phone.

TikTok is one of the most used social networks in the world today, so it is indisputable the great impact it had, some become famous on TikTok.

As a TikTok user, now with this knowledge about set TikTok videos as wallpaper, you are entering a much more complex and satisfying user experience, in which you have a wide variety of options to try.