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TikTok app, has become a global phenomenon, in every sense of the word. It is everyday to find ourselves undermined by videos of your platform.

All this is motivated in the first instance by the ease of creating an account on TikTok. And of course for editing quality and playback stability offered to the public.

Easy access to it makes it possible to download TikTok. Coming back to this, a reference point required at the time of talk about videos and their respective editing.

And something very striking that it offers is an application, it is the option of making videos with other voices, germinating a whole breeding ground in terms of opportunities. This is why you want to know how to put or apply voice effects or autotune, on TikTok.

Autotune, what is it?

We hear this word here and there. It is heard in positive reviews and others not so much. heard associated with speech and diction itemsn, to song and declamation.

It is analyzed from the ethical arbiter and condemned, there will be those who applaud and censor it. But we have to take it to a stable concept, so that from there we can talk about it and its implications with TikTok.


Is within synthesis of a voice modifier, which improves sound quality and elevates a person's voice to the best of its abilities.

Anyway speaking from the digital point of view, the modifications, editions and improvements are seen in the sound frequency spectrum. through digitization. This digitization of improvements is what makes it so valuable.

Through this tool you can modify or adapt the speaker's voice. Returning to the person, a prominent figure in the field of singing, emulation of other voices, and everything we can imagine and apply with this versatile tool that fills us with great advantages when using it on TikTok.

Applying voice effects or auto tuning to TikTok videos

One of the characteristics that we can see in the vast majority of viral tiktok videos, is the editing of the voice through or using the Autotune. This is defined as a de facto obligation for all users.

People go crazy for these effects and the extravagances that can come out, based on the use of this voice editing tool on TikTok.

At the same time as being a medium that favors the increase of followers, it is therefore a humorous action that fills those who use it with laughter, and of course all those who see and listen to it.

And it is not just about laughing, we must promptly make this necessary clarification. The great tool so sought after, also helps us to increase singing levels in videos.


How TikTok is a tool for make, add and enhance videosTherefore, it will be a tool that seeks the quality of its final works, to please the user, and to be, undoubtedly, a friend that gives us a hand, in carrying out our digital video tasks.

How to put or apply voice effects or Autotune to my videos?

TikTok as a versatile tool offers us the great opportunity to take our videos to other dimensions. Where the improvement will not be an element of years of frustrated intonation and mulling over the same subject until it comes out as we hope.

That is why it condenses years of future vocal castration, with a simple blink of an edit. Follow the process and you will see the ease:

  1. Enter the application and record the video. Don't be afraid of the mode and style of recording, editing applicable to the entire body of the video.
  2. Once recorded, right hand recording icon, you can scroll and see more editing opportunities appear.
  3. In order to voice effects. You should wrap your attention on the right and upper part, where you will see the option to improve or edit the voice.
  4. By doing this, the existing opportunities for audio enhancement and modification. Do it to your liking and discretion.