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In the last days the TikTok app It has become one of the most popular social networks in the world, thus being an impact, due to its high demand and range, and also due to its variety of content.

There said users, enter with their data and they begin to share their daily life, his favorite chores, through small music clips, thus becoming the favorite of many artists and youtubers.

It also allows you to upload and edit one-minute selfies videos, the best of all this is the amount and variety of effects that we can select at the time of doing the above.

It is pertinent to mention that to start using this social network we must create an account by entering our email followed by a unique and secure password, later we will achieve enjoy the large quantity and variety available content according to our tastes. This also includes fast tracking of accounts with large categories.

What does the Tik Tok application offer us?

First of all, it is a great tool that helps a content strategy, through it it is easy to reach a more audience. It is important to note that by far the most attractive thing about this platform is that it is growing, in this way it is a trend and most of the people who come to her are young, since the content is simply entertaining and fun.


Therefore, the type of content must be the most creative feasible, but if you need to achieve a large audience you must go according to reality, in this case many accounts managed by influencers have used the issue of the Covid-19 Pandemic to increase the number followers is a very effective strategy. At the same time, it can be important and relevant information, as long as it reaches people.

Does TikTok have no cost or payment?

For greater importance TikTok is an absolutely free applicationWe can achieve it on both mobile phones and computers, it is also important to note that through this it is viable to generate income, for this it is pertinent to have a reasonable amount of audience.

That is why it has become absolutely viral, it is not only to observe, but also to create a necessary source in various aspects, depending on the visits and your followers, so that offer a service or basically create video clips, but it also has its disadvantages, such as that the videos are extremely short, which allows less viewing.

There is a web portal that deals with measure or count the earnings of your profile on TikTok, depending on the content that is added. TikTok is a social network where you can earn a lot of money for the number of fans or followers you have, you can even do commercial promotion to increase these income.

How to upload your own original music or audio sound to TikTok

This social network is mainly based and is one of its most peculiar characteristics in the use of musical curtains, that's audio. In the general fields, users use conversations or dialogues that have already been recorded afterwards, and later pretend that they are the ones who are conversing while the recording is taking place. But there is also the option to create or record your own sound.


If we are already familiar with how TikTok works and its wide uses, please understand the creation procedure or add your own sound or original It will be done extremely simple and fast.

  1. First of all, what we should do or do is enter directly to the application from our cell phone or computer.
  2. There we will see immediately and highlighting a sign of »+», we must press it.
  3. Select immediately from our gallery, the video already created, and that we intend to share on the platform, then we click next.
  4. After that, we are located in the lower left part of the social network, we will find a little music note icon.
  5. However, we choose the option as a preference that indicates »My sound», located in the upper right part of our screen.
  6. In summary we will choose the audio or recording that we want to be reproduced and heard by our followers in said video.