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Use green screen background on TikTok A greater imagination can be reached in the videos, many TikTok users take the opportunity to configure a green screen to create more entertaining videos, with the green screen any background scenario is fulfilled.

Millions of people use green screen background on TikTok for most of their videos, with this effect you can make yourself look like you are in any environment. Making and using the green screen effect on TikTok and thus putting an invisible background is easy, and here we explain it to you.

Green screen effect on TikTok, how to make and use it?

If you are a active TikTok user Surely you have seen how some people put different scenarios in their videos, suddenly a profile publishes a video with a background that seems to be in Paris, and at the time they make public another with a sweater and some penguins behind.

This leads us to necessarily think of an effect that is achieved with the application, because no matter how much previously saved videos can be uploaded, changing scenarios in that way is not easy, unless it is used one of the many effects of TikTok.


And well, here we confirm that thought: it is precisely an effect of the application, where you can use the green wallpaper on TikTok and it seems that behind you there may be something absolutely different from what there really is.

Creating and using the TikTok green screen effect is a easy procedure, and if you have used the app, you will understand it immediately.

The first thing you should do is click on the 'plus' or 'plus' sign, as if you were uploading a video to TikTok; then you must look for the option of 'Effects' and have access there, searching for green screen icon; and then you will have the option to choose the background or image you want to put.

How to use the green screen effect on TikTok? Steps for beginners

The procedure explained in the previous chapter is for those users who already have knowledge of the application, users who have already uploaded videos to their profiles and who also They have used some other effect in them.

But it is feasible that you are a new TikTok user to the app and your knowledge of the app is minimal. For this case, don't worry, we have another way to use the effect green screen on TikTok with simple steps, and we explain it to you.

The first thing you should do is have access to the account and see the trends, then an interface will be broken down with the chronology of the videos of the moment; as a second step you must click on the magnifying glass 'Search' and there you will write green screen. Once this is done, many videos with this effect will appear.

Third, you must have access to any of those videos and press where it says 'Green Screen'; Then you will have two options, the first is to save it to your device, and the second is create a video with that effect.

If you are so new that you don't even have an account, We invite you to create a TikTok account quickly and easily.

How to use the green screen effect on TikTok to put an invisible background?

If what you want now is to use the green screen effect in TikTok to put an invisible background, what you should do is select a background from a any color, so that the real background of the video is not visible, in other words, it is not visible to other users.


The color that you can opt for this can be one that looks like the default color the true background, or the color you want or prefer.

The important is that the background is not visible for everyone else. Apparently this green screen effect can be done to record a live in the application if you want.

You can try it however you want, in the end that is what all users do and many of them go viral on TikTok, Basically trying. If you don't like how the video is, you can delete the video yourself whenever you want