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TikTok as a global phenomenon, stays within discharge demands from app stores. Everyone wants to know how and where to download TikTok, to join this wave of users who use it. As it is so simple to create an account in this application, it is common for users to create and forget users.

Just as the unbridled search for followers will be common, in other words, getting more followers is the prevailing premise, but you should try to get real followers, since they interact and help us when it comes to achieving an account verification. And that is the central element that we will address, the how to get verified or have a verification badge on TikTok.

What is account verification?

There is a notable boom in the number of users in all social media platformsTherefore, the percentage of opportunity that many of them belong to unreal, fictitious users or even artificial intelligence items, is high and therefore worrisome for the safety of the entire virtual community that congregates within a certain social stronghold In Internet.


This is why so-called verifications are presented, which are certificates issued by a platform or social network, regarding the veracity or existence of that person, in other words, through a verification, it is certified that this user is real or that belongs to the person in question and its origin is proven.

Consequently, a verification badge creates great confidence in other users who might see or bump into it, which in turn increase the number of users who want or have the desire and confidence to follow that person or account.

Now this is essential because there may be countless people who want to take your data and pass it off as their property, be stripped of their identity, or for that purpose, with a duplicate identity. We see it in renowned characters every day.

As well as in the accounts of various institutions or organizations, with lurid motifs. Therefore that verifying an account is a priority.

How to get verified or have a verification badge on TikTok

First of all, we must emphasize without fail that this is the verification badge. If we go to our profile, we can see how everything is common and in its place, as well as the rest of profiles of other people on TikTok, worse if we go to the profile of an artist, or of an organization or company, we will see that something peculiar appears in their profile.


That quirk we're referring to is exactly the check plate. If we compare the profile of a famous person with ours, we can admire how in this character we see an icon in blue that is related to the symbol of «well, that is the so-called verification badge. And it is an endorsement without condition that the account that owns it is real and trustworthy.

Since it has gone through a series of steps and regulations for the named account to be verified. In this order of ideas, we must refer to a theme that occurs within these last statements, if I want to verify an account.

Steps to get verified or have a verification badge on TikTok

For this, we must make the clarification in advance that it is not an easy task, you cannot create an account on TikTok and instantly have the joy of being verified, unless it is a famous person or someone of extreme renown or of great reference, that their mere attachment to the TikTok platform causes a stir.

In order to get a verified account on TikTokIt must have a large number of users who interact with the publications, as well as have original content that causes an attraction for the rest of the users.

These items are the ones that originate TikTok Developers, decides to verify the account to encourage a greater boom in it.

If so, they will be the ones to communicate the decision and the start of the verification. What cannot be requested, is the TikTok team who decides and takes the verification proposal.