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How to upload videos to Twitch and what formats are allowed on this streaming video platform? Step by step guide


Online content is becoming more and more popular with users around the world, This is how platforms such as Twitch have achieved great popularity quickly, mainly because it is associated with video game.

All this has made it gain a lot of acceptance and become one of the favorite portals of many, fundamentally because it gives you the opportunity to monetize and generate money.

That is why here we are going to teach how you can start posting videos to your Twitch channel so that your followers can enjoy it and in what formats you can do it. For this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you below.

What are the formats allowed by Twitch for videos and what other guidelines should I follow?

Like all web portal of video or music It has some formats that are compatible with the platform, so you will not be able to upload videos of any kind to it. In this way, if you are thinking of upload audiovisuals to your Twitch channel, you must try that the file format is of type MP4, MOV, AVI and FLV, so that it can be uploaded correctly, since it is only compatible with these extensions.

In spite of everything, it is also essential that you take into account what is the maximum size of the video, which must be 20 GB maximum. You should also know that at the time of upload an audiovisual Twitch will not let you upload those that are higher than the 1080p and that the bit rate does not exceed 10 Mbps. Being able to take into account each of these details will help you upload content in a very simple way to your Twitch channel.

Learn step by step how to upload videos to Twitch to grow your channel


Keep in mind that the process for upload videos to the platform and in that way do grow your channel in a positive way it is very easy.

So you basically have to follow each of the steps that we are going to indicate below:

  • The first thing you should do is enter the official Twitch page from your favorite browser.
  • There you must access your access data to be able to log in In it, in the case that you still do not have an account, you can create one for free.
  • When you have already put you must go to the upper right part of your screen and there you must choose your profile picture to launch the drop-down menu.
  • In this drop-down menu you must choose the option of "Video studio" and then a new page will open where you will be able to upload your videos to Twitch.
  • To upload videos or video to the platform you basically have to choose the files and load them or drag them to be uploaded, and then select the audiovisual you want post to your Twitch channel.
  • When you are already clear about which file you are going to upload to your channel, then click on the "Open" option.
  • Keep in mind that the upload procedure may take a few minutes, when it is finished uploading, then you must edit the video information. There you must place a qualification make it eye-catching, a description quite interesting, the language, a category and if you need you can add
  • Then you must click on the button "Save Changes" so that the upload of the video can be completed.
  • After this you must choose the option to publish it, for this click on the option "Schedule premiere."
  • In the drop-down menu that appears there you must choose "Publish without Premiere".
  • In conclusion, select the purple button that says "To post" so that immediately your video be disseminated in your Twitch channel.

List of the best editors to create Twitch videos from scratch

Fortunately for all streaming, at this time you can find a large number of programs that will allow you create Twitch videos from scratch in a very simple way, so you do not need to be an editing expert for this, but thanks to the help of each of these softwares you will be able to upload content like a professional.

This is how below we tell you the best video editors to work on this platform:

Open Broadcaster Software


Also known as OBS or OBS Studio and your full name Open Broadcaster Software, It is at this moment one of the most used video recording programs for Twitch by most content creators around the world, so it is being referred to one of the most popular softwares of this type.

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OBS Studio It consists of a tool that allows you to broadcast direct on streaming platforms and which is available for the operating systems of Windows, Linux and Mac. Among some of its main characteristics we can highlight the option to display several types of items at the same time, such as the game you are playing, your computer desktop, your webcam or different cameras that you have connected simultaneously.

Among other of its most outstanding characteristics is what is the "Sound management" of the different connections, being able to mute or expand the channel that you are interested in prioritizing. In the case of alternative configurations, they are not the most advanced, but it has its own user forum and allows you to easily work on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, among other.

Download Open Broadcaster Software Windows

Lightstream Studio



In the case that you want to carry out live or deferred broadcasts on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, among others, then Lighstream Studio te makes it possible to carry out all this in an extremely simple way. This program stands out because it works directly from the browser, so you will not have to be installing any software on your computer. To enter copy the next address

In that case, you must choose the platform where you want to broadcast and log in and the same program will be in charge of guiding you so that you can carry out the broadcast by showing directly your desk, playing live, speaking into the microphone, showing what your webcam records or you can even create a presentation. In conclusion, it should be mentioned that Lighstream Studio allows you to add some items to your recordings such as images, text fragments, logos, and many other messages.



Filmora9 is one of the most popular editors that exist at the moment, it stands out mainly for offering a large number of functions and tools that will help you to create absolutely professional content. At the same time, it stands out for offering ease of use, making it a very good alternative for all those who are just starting out in the publishing area.

Therefore, if you are already an expert in this, then you can get the most out of this tool. One of its main features is that it offers a split screen so you will be able to work with many videos at the same time, where you can apply its own effects to each of them. An ideal software to edit videos for platforms such as Twitch or YouTube.

Download Filmora9 Windows

Download Filmora9 MacOS



iMovie is another of the most used editing programs at the moment. In spite of everything, this time this software is only available to users. Mac users, so if you are apple user, then you can start to try this great alternative and that way start creating your videos for Twitch.

The main advantage of using this program is that does not need installation since it is installed in the system, so it is a free software that will offer you very important results. It should be mentioned that looks pretty simple, but which in turn will offer you very good and advanced tools in the world of publishing.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC


If you are users of Windows then you can start using Adobe Premiere Pro CC, It is one of the most professional tools for non-linear video editing and is currently used by many professionals for various areas such as content creators, filmmakers, among many others who are committed to creating content in a professional manner.

Thus, Adobe Premiere Pro It is a great alternative for those cases where you have to work with different video and audio channels, since it will allow you to work with a large number of capable. At the same time, if there can be something to highlight, it is all the amount of effects and filters that it offers, so you will be able to give much more variety to all the content you want to show there.

It also gives you the opportunity to work with imported videos from digital files, camcorder tapes of all trained, you can even work with virtual reality, but for which you will need very advanced knowledge of the program. In conclusion, Adobe Premiere Pro It will allow you to export in different formats, which makes it a very good alternative for platforms such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitch.

Download Adobe Premiere Pro CC Windows

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