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With more than 17.5 million visits daily, Twitch has managed to establish itself as one of the most relevant streaming platforms in the world. Which, in addition to being a site focused on electronic sports, currently also stands out for its variety of content based on live and direct broadcasts.

A) Yes, Twitch provides a totally free user experience and is also distinguished from other platforms by offer the ability to monetize streams to earn money. Added to this, it is a multiplatform solution that is well organized and provides access to select content, according to the requirements of each person.

For its part, it provides different tools that manage to optimize the user experience and one of them is the "Twitch Alerts". These refer to the alerts and notifications that can be put into Twitch and because of its importance, it is worth knowing what they consist of, what types are there and how they can be placed correctly.


What are Twitch alerts and what are all the types out there?


Basically, Twitch alerts are visual elements on screen that allow the streamers of the platforms to offer recognition to the contributions of their target audience and / or their viewers. Since, in general terms, They are notices that serve to show compliance with certain actions of other users (like, for example, when they decide to follow you). Besides that, they are also useful for hear specific sounds when something happens.

Whether reaching epic levels of Cheers or celebrating a Hype Train in chat. For all this, they are considered to be of great help to achieve a higher level of originality on the platform when interacting with other users and even to accept their influence on your stream. For your part, there are several options you can choose from when placing or using alerts on your Twitch channel.

However, below, we mention and specify the main types of notices that exist on this platform:

  • The celebrations: These are animated effects that are overlaid on the video player and specifically focus on celebrating gifts and Cheers sent by the community. Fortunately, they are highly customizable and therefore, you can change them depending on your preferences for frequency and gift levels.
  • The Hype Train: Refers to a "Megacelebration" that takes place when community members come together to support one of their favorite Affiliates or Partners. By nature, they are listed as a good incentive for viewers to Sign in to achieve epic levels of Hype by helping out at support events (either subscriptions or Bits) and also reward participants who allow the train to continue.

Learn step by step how to put alerts and notifications on Twitch


To place alerts and / or notifications on Twitch in order to benefit from its advantages in order to create an incentive for your viewers, it is necessary to implement some procedures that will help you to use them on this platform.

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Therefore, below, we specify each step that must be carried out:

Use OBS Studio and install BowserSouce

First of all, it is important that you know how to use the OBS Studio application, since it is the tool that will allow you to configure the alerts correctly. Also, you have to install the extension "BowserSource" which will work as a customary complement to register the types of sources of the links that are going to be reproduced in your live streams.

It should be noted that, in this case, if you have the latest version of OBS, the mentioned plugin will be installed, default. Otherwise, you will need to resort to installing it to be able to place alerts and notifications.

Access the StreamLabs website

Once you have installed BrowserSource or have you checked that it is available in the OBS, It's time to enter the StreamLabs website. By means of this, it is necessary that log in using your Twitch account and taking the necessary steps to confirm the authorization. You can then change the language clicking on your profile picture, so as not to have to see all the options in English. In this way, the actions that follow will be much more comfortable.

Define and configure Twitch alerts

In third place, it's time to set and configure alerts you want to use. In this case, proceed to click on the option "Widgets" from the left side of the window and with it, you will be able to see a list with all the available alerts. Taking into account that, The types of notices to define will depend on what the user decides (whether new followers, subscriptions, donations, for hosteo, etc.).

Use the BrowserSource plugin

After setting the alerts, it is time to add the url using this plugin found directly on the StreamLabs website. To enter it, you just have to click on the option "Launch" and at once, the system will show the URL to copy it selecting the option "Copy".

After that, go to OBS Studio and choose the scene where you prefer to add the alert in question. Now, you have to enter "Sources" and click where it says "Add new" in order to select "Browser". Finally, confirm the action with "Accept and save" in order to finalize the alert settings in OBS Studio which can be modified to give it a personal touch. Either at the level of sound, text, image, animation or duration, for example.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉