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How to create a successful ad campaign on Twitch and show really amazing ads? Step by step guide


Twitch is a very profitable medium as to marketing it means. If you want to know How To Create A Successful Ad Campaign On Twitch And Show Really Amazing Ads, keep reading this step by step guide.

Amazon-owned platform offers varied content, even when videogames are its main attraction. Being able to broadcast the games in real time while interacting with the audience is a convenient advantage.

Since there are millions of users and streamers that make life on Twitch, the platform lends itself very well to do commercial promotion, because your community represents a faithful and active market.

What are the benefits of doing business promotion on Twitch? Reasons to do it


To focus on Twitch for promoting an advertising plan should be a priority for firms. Even though your general audience is considerably smaller compared to other platforms, your level of engagement guarantees resounding commercial success.


Next, we are going to collect the benefits of doing commercial promotion on Twitch and the reasons for doing it:

  • Access to the world market: Keep in mind that, in total, Twitch users have spent more than 300 billion minutes watching live broadcasts. Thousands of users, from all corners of the world, who can consume your advertisements without any problem.
  • Real-time interaction with new trends: Many firms target the younger generation, as they significantly influence current trends. Fortunately, the Twitch community is mostly comprised of people between the ages of 18-35, who can become your target audience.
  • Large presence of influencers: On Twitch there are more than two million streamers, more than 250,000 affiliates and more than 8,000 partners. The opportunities to collaborate with influencers are high. The most influential users can recommend the products and services of any brand effectively, as long as it is of interest to their community.
  • Growing and diverse audience: In 2012 alone, Twitch had more than 20 million monthly active users. Since then, the platform has increased its numbers and diversified its content. Even though video games are the main item, there are also other types of entertainment which you can sponsor.
  • Little competition and more opportunities to socialize: Platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Youtube they are crammed with commercial promotion. The great utility of starting to advertise on Twitch is the little competition. Which is convenient, since the portal allows you to interact in real time with your viewers and determine a connection with them.

Learn step by step how to create an advertising campaign on Twitch and advertise to other streamers


Finding the formula for success takes a lot of imagination, but in addition to a cold and calculating thought. When it comes to marketing, it is essential to have a plan in place to organize an effective strategy.

Here's how to create an ad campaign on Twitch and promote yourself to other broadcasters:

Set campaign goals

The first step behind any successful business promotion is definition of objectives. It is necessary to establish your needs, achievements and the precise resources to achieve them. When talking about goals, these must be delimited, be quantifiable, assignable, with real expectations and have a deadline to ensure its completion.

Select target audience

Once you have defined your objectives, it is time to choose your target, or target audience. In other words, our ideal consumers. For this, it is necessary to take into account certain aspects, such as: the age range they represent, what they do, where they are, how the product or service in question can help you, and how it is related to the channel.

Select ad format

As far as Twitch is concerned, there are multiple formats to display ads. The most common are the so-called TrueView, video ads which encompass three categories: pre-rolls (before transmission), mid-rolls (during transmission) and the post-rolls (after transmission).

You must choose the one that best suits you. The platform supports one ad every 8 minutes. Other influencers choose to show the merchandise that the brands give them for commercial promotion. This tactic offers a real-time demonstration of the qualities of the product, which can be quite appealing to the audience.

Analyze copywriting

Copywriting is a task that every advertiser must polish to get the best results. In simple words, it is the practice writing persuasively to guide your potential clientele through a task. Since Twitch chat is a powerhouse of live feedback, it represents a good chance for copywriting. You need to analyze your writing skills. It seeks to highlight the virtues of the product and attract the attention of your viewers to convert them into a subscriber to the channel.

Set budget

When you have in mind everything you intend to achieve with your marketing plan, define a budget that allows you to make it come true. Once you have the desired figure, get down to work and start putting your commercial promotion strategies into practice in the broadcasts of Twitch.

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Find out how to analyze ad statistics on Twitch and measure their effectiveness


Twitch has a data analytics page so that the channel owner can study the trends of his audience. In this section you can see information regarding the number of viewers, participation, income and much more.

Here's how to analyze your ad statistics on Twitch and measure their effectiveness:

Enter the control panel

The first thing you should do to view the analysis of the channel is to enter the control panel in your account. Twitch. Then, click on the tab "Data" and then on "Channel analysis".

Define a date

The next step to analyze the statistics is to set the period. At the top of the statistics table that appears on the screen, you can toggle the date. Use the arrows on either side, or the selector in the middle to choose a start date and another end date. Also, you can also set a time block: daily, weekly or monthly.

Check the sections

The statistics are divided into tabs that represent the data of a certain section. Each tab has a pair of arrows on the right side to vary the field and show other types of information.

Today, Twitch has the following statistics:

  • Half of spectators.
  • Visualizations live.
  • Follow.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Income.
  • Number of minutes displayed.
  • Total time broadcast.
  • Maximum quantity of spectators.
  • Viewers unique.
  • Amount of people who have interacted with the notifications.
  • Unique viewers who participated in the chat.
  • Total number of messages in the chat.
  • Spectators coming of accommodations.
  • Number of clips designed with your transmissions.
  • Total length of the issued announcements.
  • The hourly average of commercial promotion.
  • Number of times it was viewed the video card of the transmission in a promotion.
  • Number of times users have clicked, in your broadcast, on the video card during a promotion.

Tips for creating better Twitch ad campaigns and being a successful brand


The platform Twitch has authorized more than 30,000 influencers in its system of Partnership, which enables them to monetize their channels through collaborations. If you want be a successful brand on Twitch, here we leave you a series of tips for creating the best ad campaigns on Twitch.

Let's see below:

Create a partnership with a gamer or streamer

It has become clear that Twitch is a streaming platform. In spite of everything, above video games and broadcasts, there are broadcasters. The users who play and create content are the ones who bring the platform to life. In this way, they will represent the main face of the brand.

At the time of partner with a streamer, you must know certain details of his person. What content does it make, what audience is it aimed at, and what are its objectives. Once you have these aspects clear, start building the guidelines for a successful campaign.

Evaluate the level of production

Some streamers or gamers have more resources than others. When promoting your brand, the most striking users can be an excellent option to demonstrate new products. This way you get more viewers to see what your brand offers.

Rate the content

Possibly, the streamer is the one who gives life to the channel, but the content it develops can also give you a good idea of where to direct your advertising campaign. It is not the same to offer video game products to a community dedicated to makeup videos.

Brands of shoes, clothing, electronic devices and more easily adapt to any content. Nonetheless, if your brand does not belong to these areas, try to study the videos of your associated stream well to find a successful advertising campaign.

Create your own channel

Many reputable brands have opted for open your own channel to promote your products. Since brands already have a target audience, and have the necessary budget, they can afford to create much more elaborate strategies. Some examples of brands that develop their own content in Twitch are Duracell, Electronic Arts, KFC and Old Spices.

Be creative

In conclusion, something that viewers highly value is imagination. Remember that in Twitch They live mostly young adults, not older than 35 years. Hence entertainment should be the order of the day. When designing an advertising campaign with other influencers, or on your own, you must assess what viewers are talking about you to understand how to win them over.

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