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How to be a streamer on Twitch and earn money while playing video games? Step by step guide


To be a true streamer on Twitch and earn money while playing video games you should know some details that we will explain in post. As an example, we will tell you how much you earn in Twitch and what the income on the platform depends on.

But this is not all you will be able to read, We will also talk about the best alternatives to earn money to have a profitable channel and the step by step you must do to start broadcasting professionally.

Keep reading until the end because you will find the best tips for grow your Twitch channel and make a living from video games.

How much do I earn on Twitch and what does my income depend on on the platform?


There are several alternatives to monetize your Twitch streams, even though there are some options that you can select that pay better than others and that are much more profitable. The first thing you should know is that the business of Twitch It is based on the number of subscribers, which are not the same as the followers. This means that, every time a subscriber pays, the amount of that income is divided between Twitch and the content creator. Subscriptions are divided into three types, each of which has a different amount.

Subscription costs to a channel are € 4.99; € 9.99 and € 24.99. The amounts mentioned are allocated a 50% for the creator and the remainder goes to Twitch. You have to keep in mind, if you are about to face the path of streaming, that the plan most sought after by users is the one of € 4.99, so you should do the financial planning of your project well before posing an unreal scenario. Another way that money can be earned is through donations.

These are native tools of the platform in which viewers donate money through a mechanism called Bits. These functions can be customized by the content owner to highlight the most loyal followers of their channel. The amount that can be won with this system ranges from € 1 onwards. With the commercial promotion in the videos you can also get economic benefits. These ads appear in the middle of live streams and can only be seen by viewers and not by subscribers.

Since they are members of the premium channel. Therefore, the amount of money you can earn on Twitch is varied., since it will depend not only on the financial capacity of your audience, but also on the content you share with other users. This means, that you must take into account the quality of image, sound, channel theme and your personality to generate empathy with the community and advertisers to get a financial thank you from them.

What are the best alternatives to earn money on Twitch to have a profitable channel?


Actually the biggest source of income is paid subscribers. This is the easiest and fastest method to earn money in Twitch because the 50% of the accounts go to the creator and the other party to Twitch, just as we mentioned before.

Nevertheless, if you become a major streamer of the platform you could trade your profits and therefore transfer your participation from 50% to 70%. This means that your live shows became much more profitable. On the other hand, and always based on subscriptions, you have to keep in mind when analyzing your strategy that subscriptions bring extra benefits for people who choose this option.

Among which are:

  • Eliminate trade promotion in the videos.
  • Subscribers get additional features, by way of example, access to the use of emojis.
  • Chat with the creator of contents.

Thus, you can target your marketing plan to these 3 benefits, which cannot be achieved in any other way than by subscribing to your channel. Another way that we already mentioned to make a profit from your live shows is to obtain donations by the viewers. Keep in mind that this dynamic of making 100% profits from what is collected is kept by the content creator, so it is not an idea to discard within the strategy you propose.

This will depend on the incentive you offer to your followers to obtain the largest number of donations. For people who are not subscribed to your channel, they should see commercial promotion at scheduled times and each time you reconnect to the broadcast. Part of this money is kept by the content creator and the other part by Twitch. This distribution may vary depending on the agreement the streamer has with Twitch.

Do not forget that you have to meet some minimum requirements to be able to generate income through this method. Generate earnings through affiliations and sponsorships they work for channels that have hundreds of viewers in their live. A very common case would be that they hire you to test a game in your live shows and record a promotional video and then publish it in all your social networks. Earning money through this method varies the amount based on the agreement you get with the brands.

But these are not the only options with which you can earn money on Twitch to have a dental channel, you will also be able to dedicate yourself to: 

  • Merchandising, With this technique you will be able to market products that are related to your channel. The only thing you should take into account is the logistics of delivery of these posts so that the cost does not exceed the profit or sale price.
  • Sponsors, This type of option is different from the sponsorships that hire you to test their products. In this case, it consists of commercial agreements in which a price is established for using items of a certain brand or also when the name of the advertiser's company appears anywhere in the place where you film the streaming.
  • Sale of games, This is one of the less developed options, but it does not mean that they are not very valid. If you are a programmer, you will be able to create your own video games and market them from the Twitch platform, offering your followers the correct handling and a demonstration of tricks, among other options.

Learn step by step how to make your first transmissions on Twitch to be a streamer


Naps determined to make money on Twitch and you don't know how to start making your first broadcasts, avoid worrying! We will explain below the step by step that you must do to be a true professional streamer.

Check out:

Install the software

The first thing you should do is download a video editing program to your computer or Mac that helps you to transmit from the platform. Although it is true that you can find a large number of these software on the Internet, not all of them are safe and fulfill their promises.

We suggest you use the one best known to all streamers, OBS Studio. It is an open source program, with a simple interface to understand and in which you will be able to create various scenes from different computers. At the same time, you will have the option to use font templates and configure the sound and image so that they look like the stage of a true professional.

To download OBS Studio you must go to the official page of the software entering with your trusted browser to Next, you must click on the button Download the installer to start the download. Remember to select your PC's operating system correctly. The use of OBS Studio is absolutely cost-free You only have to meet the minimum requirements so that it can run on your computer. So you will not have other problems to solve.

Sign up for OBS Studio


Once the download is finished, what you should do at this time is register an email and create a secure password that will be useful to enter the program.

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If you don't know which key to select, we suggest you use our Password Generator tool by visiting the link:

Internet Password Generator

Create a channel on Twitch

Once you have successfully registered with OBS Studio you must do the same in Twitch. You must enter and complete the form with your real data (this needs to be done well because you will have to verify them later when you want to monetize it). Create a user account and log in. Then start setting up your channel. To do this you must go to the chapter of Settings, which is located in the upper bar of the screen.

Configure channel

In the chapter Settings you will be able to configure profile images, name of your channel, banners and description. So for the customization of your channel Twitch go to the chapter of Channel and videos to configure the essential in your channel.

You will find these options:

  • Design: Here you can select a banner for the main screen, which will only be shown when the channel is disconnected.
  • Protection chat for minors: If the live content is not recommended for minors, you must indicate it in this area and checking the option Adult content.
  • Chat: Twitch chat is what makes the platform grow thanks to the customizable features available. That is why you must show that you have a healthy community willing to show loyalty to your channel and especially with respect.
  • Safety: In addition, you will be able to configure the level of security that you want your chat assigned moderators to have to maintain a community that does not violate the Twitch Terms and Conditions.

Set up the direct

You already configured the basic sections for your Twitch channelNow you must go to the control panel to configure the information that the broadcast will have in your live shows.

Within the control panel menu you will see important sections in which you will define what your transmission will be about. You will be able to modify:

  • Qualification.
  • Notification of the broadcast of the direct.
  • Game and category type.
  • Community.
  • Video language.

Connect OBS with Twitch

In this step you must go to the program you chose to make your streams, in this case we will use OBS Studio. For the configuration go to the alternatives menu, where you will find the tool Issue, click on it.

Keep in mind that, by default, the program is already configured to broadcast, you just have to select the option Twitch. Stream Key is the tool that will link to both platforms, so you must have confirmed all the notices ID secretly so that people who own this ID can connect from your computer and thus start streaming. In other words, You must link the key that OBS Studio generated for you with the Twitch Stream Key.

Tips to grow your Twitch channel and live from video games as you dream

Look carefully at the tips that we will show below to grow your Twitch channel quickly and easily:

Invite experienced players

If you have a channel that does not yet have the audience you want and you do not intend to enter a particular topic, you can invite friends to play with them and interact in group talks. This is liked by viewers because you will expand the diversity of video games and you will see yourself as one more, so you will generate empathy with your audience. On the other hand, by inviting players more recognized than you His followers will also know you and can participate in your community.

Run giveaways


Keep in mind that there are more and more channels in Twitch who talk about the same topic or play the same video games. Because of this, if you are starting out in the world of streamers You can run sweepstakes without investing a lot of money so your name starts circulating faster.

Remember that the prizes must be related to the theme of the channel. At the same time, it is convenient that you do the draw with applications that are reliable or in your live shows with the greatest possible transparency. This will build trust among the members.

Broadcast at the same times

Many content creators do not take into account that having fixed hours is a great utility to grow a channel. This is because your audience will always know what time you are live and can interact with you. Do not forget that the hours should always be in the periods when your community is most active to get more participation.

Make sure they follow you on other social networks

It is not only essential create a community within Twitch, but also within platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram or any other social network where you find your target audience. A good idea is design a banner in your live shows so that viewers don't have to be asking you what are your social networks.

But this should not remain there. What you should do is give more participation to the others Social networks and show content that will serve on Twitch so that a large community is created by bringing together users from each space.

Talk to your audience

You should always be willing to chat with your viewers on live shows. This is very important to maintain a healthy and faithful community. You can ask your followers questions associated with your niche. The results that you will have will always be positive, because you will have a synergy that will help you grow the channel in a short time.

List of the most profitable video games to be a Streamer on Twitch that you should know

Following, we will present you a list with the best video games that you can show on your channel to be a true professional streamer in Twitch and earn money with this platform.

Let's see below:

Super mario maker


We couldn't start being ready without the Nintendo classic. You will currently find a large number of Mario fans eagerly awaiting live broadcasts on Twitch, so you can not miss this possibility to interact with your audience through chat and perform challenges of this popular game. To download it you must enter with your browser to and click on the button TO BUY and start to beat the levels to show your community.

League of Legends

This is one of the Twitch's most popular games, since it has more than 80 million hours transmitted live throughout the platform. Unlike other games this is a freemium model, in which you will be able to download it for free, but to demonstrate your skills and more advanced techniques to obtain the objectives in the battle arena you will have to pay an additional cost.

You have to keep in mind that since there are a large number of fans you need to stand out from other streamers so you should put all your creativity into practice to perform live performances. You can enjoy this game by entering

Grand theft auto v

This action video game has entertained millions of people since 2013 thanks to its graphic details and the stories to be overcome, of which the vast majority are false and you must find a reason to fix the problem.

It is ideal for performing live in Twitch due to the large number of alternatives that you have at your disposal to share with your audience. You must enter with your trusted browser to to download this game intended for over 18 years.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

It is a very worked and adventurous game. The actions take place around its main character Zelda who must overcome new adventures in the Breath of the Wild version. It has a large audience, but you have to be careful because there are not many channels dedicated to this video, Since to play it requires a Nintendo Switch or Wii U. It is a great game that you can download legally from the URL

Dead by daylight

Nor could a horror game be missing from this list. It is played online where each player must survive on their own against their 4 rivals. It is a video game that is attracting more and more viewers on Twitch. If you are a horror games fanatic is the best game you can select to start or grow your channel. A good idea is to graphically prepare the live with themes of this genre. Download it from

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