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The 12 best Time and Presence Control Software

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Compliance with the legislation for the registration of employees' working hours poses demands that may, a priori, generate doubts regarding the implementation of measures by companies. The regulations define the obligation to keep a record of the workers' day. A time control software facilitates this process and avoids infractions.

What is a time control software?

A schedule control software is a computer program that records the time of entry and exit of employees and the pause times, if the day is not continuous.

All the information that the software registers must be available to the Social Security and Labor Inspections by virtue of the provisions of Royal Decree-Law 8/2019. If the company lacks registration or it has defects, it is exposed to fines and penalties of some relevance. Records must be kept with the company for four years.

The fact of owning a presence control software makes it possible for companies to dispense with files in physical format.

Following, we present 12 programs to sign in at work, among which, possibly, each business will find the one suitable for its characteristics.

The best time control software

1. Bizneo

Bizneo HR is much more than conventional time control software. His initiative, aimed at companies of all sizes, significantly reduces the operating costs of any human resources department while automating and simplifying time management.

The system is based on the cloud, in this way, it records and offers all the information online. You will not need to install lathes or any special hardware to keep track of employees. Its Time Management module includes different functionalities: booking from any device (cell phone, tablets, PC), shift automation, creation and modification of vacation quadrants, registration of medical receipts, etc. You will be able to generate all kinds of reports, download them in .xml or .pdf format and print them.


With Bizneo HR all the information of the workers is stored in a secure way, it is reachable and it complies with the regulations. You have the option of requesting a free demo and budget in the form enabled on your page.

Web: Bizneo HR

2. Factorial


Factorial's time control software offers an easy way to record the exact working time of workers. It enables employees to clock in and out from their mobile devices. The company, for its part, will be able to supervise through the web the fulfillment of the day, reflect vacations or absences and download the summary of hours before any inspection.

The system stands out for two aspects: QR codes and geolocation. The company has the option of enabling registration only from the office or also outside of it. The worker accesses the office by scanning a QR code from the cell phone. Through geolocation, a notification is received with the location from which you have signed up.

With Factorial, any business has at its disposal an incredible suite of personnel management tools: electronic signature, recruitment and selection, document manager, etc.

Web: Factorial

3. TramitApp


TramitApp is a simple and practical time control software. The employee records the effective schedule in the APP, with a tablet or cell phone. It has a geolocated system, useful for workers who work outside the premises. The transfer is processed with a PIN number and a photograph that ensures the legitimacy of the operation. It also has records from the web, at the entrance of the office.

The system supports definitions of locations and projects where workers work, with reports of schedules by activity in real time. And, resolutely, it issues the documentation that regulators require.

At the same time it functions as a program to sign in at work, it includes all the Human Resources procedures. Store contracts, company travel documentation, and control teleworking. Manage flexible compensation and record the incidents of each employee.

TramitApp is an effective workday registration software, with great potential.

4. PGPlanning

In a single environment, PGPlanning centralize shift planning and management of multiple locations or work centers. The employee can connect through any device and enter a code on the office website to “sign in”. The system automatically detects anomalies and absences.

This time control software enhances company-staff communication. From its portal, the employee makes requests and notices in real time to the HR manager. From the Management panel, requests are managed and responses are issued on the spot.

PGPLanning integrates the best solutions for vacation management, shift changes, classification and registration of worker incidents.

5. BeeBole

Beebole time control software

Beebole is one of the most agile time control software on the market.  Forgotten are the cards or manual sheets to sign in. If the company wants to make the most of productivity and use of time, this program is a great solution.

The real-time counter functionality, with pause and stop mode, facilitates registration for the employee and control for the manager. The registration of absences and vacations allows the reassignment of tasks and avoids the loss of productive time. The work chain is never interrupted by unforeseen absences; the viable failure is detected at the moment and the operation is re-planned.

6. a3 time management

Time management program

a3 time management is a solution that optimizes the control of workers, but at the same time encourages assiduity and punctuality. It is ideal to accompany incentive plans, since establishes rules to automatically calculate packages of hours worked.

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This clock at work program integrates with other payroll management solutions. It has an app for mobility and teleworking, compatible with Android and iOS, so no special equipment is required.

Time management offers comprehensive management that transcends the workers' presence control.

7. myManagement

The Company Plan of myGestión integrates a module to control the working day. This ERP (What does ERP mean) geolocates the employee's position and links it to the exact time of the employee's signing. Through the App installed on a mobile device or tablet, workers can sign in from wherever they are.

Operation is clear and easy. On the screen there is a button to record the start time of the day and another to clock the start. This option has been developed mainly with mobility, commercial and transport employees in mind.

The system does not support registry modifications by the worker or by third parties. Both parties, workers and administrator, can view reports by dates with entry and exit times at any time. myGestión integrates, at the same time, modules for administrative and commercial administration, control of collections and payments, invoices and stock.

Product sheet: myGestión

8. Workmeter

Workmeter time control software

It is Workmeter's time control software. It has been developed thinking of companies whose workers work with technological devices, PCs and smartphones. Record the start and end times of the working day. Therefore, it enables the exact control of hours worked, both regular and overtime.

[email protected] does not need expensive investments in infrastructure, facilities or special equipment, as it is a SaaS 100% application in the cloud. It offers guarantees of data security and information backup, and generates reports in Excel, PDF and CSV formats. The information is structured by schedule, by activity, by employee and by device. These functionalities make it a very useful tool for analysis and evaluation.

With [email protected] the company detects inefficiencies, improves productivity and facilitates self-management of time. It adapts to any organization of any size and requires no maintenance or complicated setup.

9. AM Presence

AM presence control software

AM Presence is a time control software using biometrics. Its format is currently the most efficient way for a company to monitor adherence to schedules. It makes it possible to know at all times the signings, incidents, delays and overtime of each employee on each day.

Through the configuration of a calendar, records individual allocation of schedules by employee and by category. To adapt to companies with special schedule conditions, it allows flexible schedule configurations. Likewise, it personalizes incidents: medical consultations, vacations, personal matters, among others.

AM Presence facilitates communication between the employee and the company management. Every step in the company is exhaustively registered, which ensures the reliability of the data obtained.

10. Ocean

Ocean workday recording software

Ocean is presented as an option that encompasses much more than time control software. Recognizing that staff is the most important asset of a company, it develops a useful web application for both workers and Human Resources. It stands out for having an intuitive interface and the opportunity to access the system from any device and browser.

The system registers fixed, flexible hours, by shifts, in continuous days or games. It includes the opportunity of free schedules, appropriate for the operation of many current companies. It is easily configurable, and it is the administrator who establishes the permissions to which you have access.

In Ocean, all employee information is stored in worker files. Combine and link data and create reports according to the requirements of the moment. These reports can be exported, printed and customized.

11. Expert

Program to sign in at work Expert

It is characterized by being a centralized workday registration software integrated with other HR systems. Registration is done through biometric terminals, fixed stations with finger control on computers, POS, and cell phone app for tablet and mobile device.

Expert monitors the presence of personnel and collects all inputs and outputs. It has tools for the control and analysis of working hours for companies that work with various operations centers. Centralize calendars, plan shifts and make it possible to track the use of time by each employee.

The relationship of the time control software with the administrative administration of payroll, streamlines the tasks of human resources. Facilitates hour counts, shift management, and performance evaluations.

12. Sage

If you want time control software to adapt your company to current regulations, Sage is a great option. It gathers the functionalities that make the operation easy, it is hosted in the cloud and accessed from any digital device. From this dynamic, it enables registrations inside and outside the office.

Sage offers a presence control, schedule and legal and demonstrable transfers in reports and formats suitable for regulatory entities. It has a digital system, which is very easy for workers and administrators, using traditional terminals and biometric accreditation.

And if overtime and overtime originate, Sage's workbooking program records them. It is transparent, since each employee can have access to the data of their working hours.

Product sheet: Sage


Mobility and teleworking are a trend, and require making the most of workers' time to increase productivity. Having a time control software is, at the same time essential for the modern company, advisable to comply with the legislation defined in Royal Decree-Law 8/2019.

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