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Building your brand

If your message, your product or service and even your profile (no matter how impressive they are) do not reach the suitable audience, it won't do any good.

That is why we are going to reveal some tricks so that you have greater visibility on Linkedin. Some may be familiar to you, even obvious. Nevertheless, Towards the end we have some advice that you may never have considered.

Tricks to increase visibility on Linkedin

Visit profiles of your ideal audience

One of the most visited sections of LinkedIn is the "Who's viewed your profile" Why?. Very simple, we are curious (and also self-centered) by nature. We like to know who is looking at us. Take advantage of it to your advantage.

Visit profiles of your potential clients / recruiters. A considerable percentage will enter your profile and surely some will send you a contact request.

But above all, what is achieved is appear on the computer or mobile of these people.

If anyone is struck by something on your profile, they will contact me.

Follow people who are of your ideal profile

On LinkedIn you have the option to "Follow" the users of this social network.

When you follow someone, that person receives a notification that says “Pedro García is now following you”. It is a way for that person you follow to be interested in who you are.

Share third-party content

Surely you came here because someone shared this article on Linkedin

What do we achieve? That the author see your profile, and also, see it from a grateful way. You will be flattered that you have created something worthy of being shared on a social network. And he will probably thank you, he will name you and your name will begin to be seen next to that of "that" person from whom you have shared the content (I would 😉.

Here is something very important, never share something that you have not read. Yes, I know, it takes time to read and find something worth sharing… but it's worth it. Your name is also at stake if you share mediocre or poor quality posts (this is not the case).

Validate people you follow

If you follow or know someone's work, you receive their emails, you read their publications and you like them, or you know them personally, or you have listened to them on the radio and you agree with their criteria… Validate the knowledge of that person!

It's a way to get noticed, that validation stays in the profile of your potential contact forever and he will see you (along with other people browsing his profile) every time he checks his validations.

Comment and "like"

The old recipe

It is important to give to receive.

Do you want people to “like” your posts? Starts for doing it yourself. Give the like it (if you really like it, of course), it costs nothing.

The person who wrote or posted it will see your notification, but after a few likes from you, I assure you that the longer you post something, the more likely they will bother to read you and give the like if you found it valuable.

Congratulate your contacts

LinkedIn couldn't make it easier.

Warn you; birthdays, company changes, promotions, work anniversaries, etc.

This is the \ It \ him perfect conversation starter. It is a way of being visible to him.

Nobody dislikes a congratulation.

A little more technical (delete image from post)

Our impression is that LinkedIn (like other social networks) does not distribute the posts they contain the same an outgoing link or link to an external website than post without this type of links.

What happens is that many times we want our network on LinkedIn go to a link on our blog or other site to read a content. 

Apparently there is a trick that seems to work, we have tried it and the visibility has been much higher, almost doubling it.

The trick is to publish the link in the post but DELETE the image that appears automatically when you publish that post. Yes, yes, that image that looks SO nice under your update but is making you reach fewer people on your network.

Although it is true that it influences the "striking" of the post, we have found that it has a much greater scope.

What remains is to write a good title that invites you to click.


It is proven that profiles with a "stellar" category get more views than the rest.


Why is this happening? Very easy, because Linkedin himself says so in his attempt to have you complete your profile at 100%.

Completing the profile to reach "stellar" level is very simple. Linkedin tells you which elements you are missing. These can be studies, courses, experience, languages, interests ... and finally the "extract".

YES !, the extract. Is it hard to sell yourself in that paragraph, right? Many people leave it blank without knowing what a great opportunity they are missing.

First, having the "stellar" profile guarantees us to comply with the Linkedin requirements to show our profile more. Let's say that a "stellar" profile is a quality profile.

But what MANY PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW, is that this small section of the extract is a valuable source to be able to put hundreds, and why not, THOUSANDS of keywords linked to for example:

  • Our audience of interest
  • Job opportunities in positions of our interest
  • Industry colleagues
  • News feed on topics of interest to us

Although the way in which the Linkedin algorithm operates is not public, we know that all these elements shape our experience on our network. That is why including keywords linked to "our goals" on Linkedin will help us a lot.

Hopefully you found this guide interesting, we greatly appreciate your sharing it.

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