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In this post we are going to see a great selection of wordpress plugins, both free and paid, and ordered by themes, so that you have them all.

I have focused more on what I consider to be totally necessary wordpress plugins for any project.

We go there with the best free WordPress plugins in 2019.

I'm going to discover all the WordPress plugins that I have installed in my Blog, as well as some more that I think may be very interesting to you.


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How to install plugins in WordPress

There are 3 alternatives for install plugins in WordPress and that I describe below:

1.- Performing a search from our WordPress.

upload wordpress plugin

2.- Uploading a plugin to WordPress that we have previously downloaded.

If you look at the previous screenshot, at the top you have a "Upload plugin" button, which will allow you to upload a previously downloaded plugin to your WordPress.

Remember to only download wordpress plugins from official and proven sites and thus avoid getting a bad experience.

3.- Through ftp.

I suggest you use Filezilla, it is a free program and you will be able to upload a plugin to your WordPress with just one drag.

There is another way that is a little more professional, which is using our hosting's own ftp and uploading all the plugin folders in zip and then unzipping it, so we will be able to upload many plugins in a few seconds.

Breaking myths about WordPress plugins

One of the most repeated myths and mistakes in a Blog is to think that we must install a small number of plugins for WordPress in order to ensure a very fast loading speed, but it is NOT true.

This is so because each plugin has a different loading speed, and may be a plugin slower than the sum of 10 plugins, or for example that we have the bad luck of selecting a plugin that is not well programmed and has an error that it generates an infinite loop, which can slow down the loading speed.

In my case, I use 32 WordPress plugins, you heard right, 32, you can see it in the next image I just took from my Blog.

wordpress blog plugins

To show you this I am telling you what I have done is to do a test of loading speed of my blog to see how it affects having 32 plugins installed.

speed loading blog

As you can see in the image, the page speed of the Blog is 87/100, a highly optimized score that clearly affects a better seo of the entire Blog.

Good practices regarding WordPress plugins

1.- Never install a plugin that has not been updated for a long time

If you install WordPress plugins that have not been updated for a long time, you will be creating a security obstacle, since we do not know for sure if the plugin has any vulnerability through which a malicious person can enter our Blog.

2.- Always update to the latest version

We must always keep the version of each and every one of our plugins updated, but before updating a plugin always remember to make a backup copy, so that in case of problem or incompatibility, you can undo the change.

3.- Always update the plugins one by one

It is always convenient to install wordpress plugins one by one so that at home of failure or incompatibility it is much easier to identify the cause or the cause.

4.- Do not install plugins that you cannot find downloaded from official or trusted sites

Nowadays, and even when it is very sad for the blogger world, hundreds of altered plugins that contain malicious scripts circulate on the Internet, with the aim of opening a back door to the person who created the malware, and being able to enter and do the changes you want in your Blog, as if it were the administrator himself.

5.- Correctly configure all plugins

The vast majority of plugins need us to spend a few minutes to configure it correctly, therefore do not fall into the mistake of thinking that installing and activating the wordpress plugin is all done.

Now we start with the list of the best plugins so that you can get the most out of your WordPress Blog.

Best WordPress Plugins 2019

Best WordPress plugins for SEO

yoast seoWordPress SEO by Yoast

Is he The most essential and basic wordpress plugin for any BlogAs well as it could also be said that it is a multi-plugin, since there are many plugins in one.

This plugin is mainly used so that we can edit the HTML tags for the SEO On Page of each of the web pages. Yoast SEO will also provide us with a series of tips related to the SEO On Page of each of the pages, while creating the sitemap of the web and others.


  • On Page Optimization.
  • Legibility of the content.
  • Robots.txt configuration


related postRelated Article for WordPress

This plugin will allow you to add a bar at the bottom of each post with related articles, with the aim of increase visits and improve SEO.

Consists in WordPress plugin very easy to configure and launchYou only have to choose the visual aspect and the number of the related article that you intend to show.


  • Transmits internal juice link.
  • Broadcast traffic.
  • Increase the number of page visits.

wp rocketWP Rocket

Undoubtedly the best wordpress plugin to cache and make the most of the loading speed of any web page or blog. A few months ago I succumbed and since then I am delighted to use this great plugin on my blog.

Follow the recommendations that my friend offers you Alvaro Fontela, who is a very specialized wordpress consultant in pagespeed optimization.

w3 total cacheW3 Total Cache

It is, without a doubt, the best WordPress plugin to manage cache from our Blog. A Essential plugin for any Blog.

Technical knowledge is required to be able to extract the full potential that this wordpress plugin allows you.

You only need 10 minutes to configure this plugin. Follow this video tutorial that explains it to you point by point.


wp super cacheWP Super Cache

Very good plugin to manage the cache and much easier to configure than its predecessor (W3 Total Cache).

Not because it is the second most used cache plugin, it does not mean that it is not a fabulous plugin, since it is present in very important blogs with an international reputation.

You only need 5 minutes to configure the WP Super Cache plugin.


wp fastest cacheWP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is one of the most balanced free cache plugins out there, ruling out WP Rocket because it is paid.

The configuration is not easy, you need some technical knowledge, if you choke I suggest WP Rocket which is easier to configure.

google xml sitemapGoogle XML Sitemap

One of the classic SEO plugins that have resisted the arrival of new plugins in the last two years.

It is compatible with WordPress multisites and we can specify the indexing priority of each content, as well as what we intend to index and what not.

This is my choice to create the sitemap that Google reads to index my blog content.


broken link checkerBroken Link Checker

Simple plugin that automatically scans our posts and pages in search of broken links.

When you find broken links you can notify us through WordPress and / or email.

Remember that this aspect is very important and we always have to try to remove all the broken links that we have.


The size and weight of the images you upload directly influence the loading speed of your website and a great plugin to speed up your WordPress is Imagify.

What I like the most about this plugin is that:

  • Automatically optimize your images.
  • It reduces the weight of the images but without sacrificing quality.
  • Resize your images directly.


lazy loadBJ Lazy Load

This plugin is a very fast way to improve the speed of our Blog, in a very simple way and that consists of delaying the loading of the images until the user reaches the area where it should be visible.

BJ Lazy Load will allow you to improve the pagespeed of your Blog with a single mouse click.

ewww image optimizerEWWW Image Optimizer

A good way to make the most of all the images in WordPress and thus help improve the loading speed. Undoubtedly a very complete plugin and that will surely convince you.

The only downside to it is that it doesn't compress as much as the plugin that follows.


kstar ratings KK Star Ratings

Did you ever wonder why some Google results show stars and others don't?

They are sure to attract your attention, at the same time it can positively influence the CTR so it is also an SEO plugin for WordPress to take into account.


Compress JPEG & PNG Images

Very good plugin to compress the images of your Blog in WordPress to the maximum, the only downside is that we can only compress 500 images for free per month, but it is the plugin that compresses them the most without sacrificing any quality.


Simple 301 Redirect

A very simple plugin to use and with which you will be able to add 301 redirects to transfer authority from an old article to a new one or to correct 404 errors that are shown in the Search Console program.

Easy Table Of Content

A real wonder and bomb for your WordPress Blog, since you will be able to considerably improve the user experience and retain it for longer, thanks to the navigation menus.

At the same time, if you have an authoritative domain at your disposal, you will be able to insert links to bookmarks within the SERPs in Google, something impressive, and that logically will increase your CTR,


Pretty Link

It allows you to customize your links and is widely used for example with affiliate links so that it has a url that converts more.


Google Analytics for WordPress

In any blog or website you need to integrate it with Google Analytics to be able to follow the evolution of the traffic we are receiving and possibly through this plugins you will have it "sucked", since you only have to add the tracking code and that's it.



Best WordPress Plugins for Social Networks

We are going to now with the list of Social Network plugins that are necessary in any WordPress.


There are few plugins that are as complete as Sumome, because it practically does everything, but the aspects or characteristics that I would like to highlight the most are:

  • Social incorporation with your Blog.
  • Get subscribers.
  • Improve accessibility and usability.


pixel your sitePixelYourSite

If you manage commercial promotion campaigns on Facebook, you must have the Facebook Pixel installed yes or yes.

If you do not intend to complicate your life or if the technical part of WordPress scares you, there are multiple WordPress plugins so you do not have to worry.

At the same time, its installation is very simple, you will only have to create your Pixel on Facebook and choose the ID that it gives you and paste it in the plugin and it will work 🙂


disqusDisqus Comment System

Disqus will allow you to replace the archaic WordPress commenting system and make it more social, I recommend it for many reasons:

  1. Users will be able to comment using their favorite social network profile.
  2. The administration of the comments is facilitated allowing to approve and answer the comments from the email.
  3. Users will be able to follow you from Disqus and thus more easily enter your blog conversations.
  4. It does not affect the loading speed, since it loads right at the end of the loading procedure and after the page is already visible.

Remember that you must import the comments into this new tool, and be patient to be able to see all the comments in Disqus, since this procedure may take a few minutes and will depend on the thousands or hundreds of comments we have on the Blog.

social lockerSocial OnePress Social Locker

With this plugin you will be able to considerably increase the number of social bookmarks of a content.

This can be useful for use in a free course or a very comprehensive guide.


social warfare WordPress Social Sharing Plugin - Social Warfare

Social Warfare is one of the best plugins to share in social networks that exists due to the different functionalities it has and because it "weighs" less than other plugins such as Sumome.

At the same time, it also allows you to share your content on Twitter in the “click to tweet” style so you could save yourself another plugin.

And it has a very interesting option to create a WordPress widget with your most popular posts.

Of course, this plugin is paid.


Vcgs ToolboxVcgs Toolbox

Vcgs Toolbox is another social media sharing plugin created by Víctor Campuzano that also allows you to share phrases from your own posts.

At the same time, it also has another series of extra functionalities such as:

  • It allows you (by previously adding a JavaScript code) to analyze the scroll that users make in your publications or pages.
  • Know the best commentators on your blog.


revive old postRevive Old Articles - Auto Article to Social Media

Get traffic from social networks to old articles automatically.


  • Drive traffic to your blog automatically.
  • Very easy to configure and to start up.


Better Click to Tweet

This WordPress plugin is one of my latest additions since we will be able to highlight a phrase within an article so that it can be shared on Twitter.

I mainly like the Click to Tweet plugin because:

  • It allows you to add a visually very attractive text that you will be able to share on Twitter.
  • Better capture the attention of readers on the phrase.
  • Users will be able to view the phrase's social bookmarks.
  • You will be able to add a link to another article and track the activity of each link.


Social Count Plus

Add a button bar so that your content can be easily shared on Social Networks.

There are many social media tools of this type, it is that you find the one that best suits your project.

Easy Social Icons

Add icons of your social networks to any widget on your blog or website in order to increase your social community.


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Best WordPress security plugins

ithemes securityIthemes Security

Better Wp Security is one of the best plugins to protect WordPress.

In a few minutes we can add complete security to our wordpress.

Some of its characteristics are:

  • Detect vulnerabilities in WordPress; in the theme or plugins and fixes them automatically.
  • Automatically prohibit bots and malicious programs.
  • Hide part of management information to fool hackers.
  • After several attempts to access the same IP, the plugin automatically prohibits that IP address and adds it to a black list.


wordfenceWordfence Security

It is used by more than 200,000 users, and the vast majority of them are very happy with the performance.

It includes Firewall, antivirus and is one of the best plugins to protect WordPress. At the same time, it has the following characteristics:

  • Scans files that are generally targeted by hackers.
  • Scan the site for malware.
  • Scan the site for back doors.
  • The firewall protects against bots and other attacks.
  • Avoid repeated attacks on the home page.


updraftplusUpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

Backup and restore made easy.

Full backups: manual or scheduled (backups to Dropbox, S3, Google Drive, Rackspace, FTP, SFTP, email and more).


Duplicator - WordPress Migration PluginDuplicator - WordPress Migration Plugin

Duplicator is a plugin to make backup copies but it is also a plugin to duplicate a web page (as its name suggests)

If you are a web designer, it is one of those necessary WordPress plugins that you should take into account because it allows you to make a clone of your web page in case you need to make a design change.

One of the best free WordPress plugins that helps you completely forget about comment spam.



We are all tired of said spam, at first when you start with the blog you do not have so many problems but as the blog begins to become known these automatic comments appear in different languages, therefore protect yourself from them as soon as possible.

WordPress Backup

A very basic aspect in any Blog is to periodically make backup copies of our project so that at all times we are safe and can use one of these copies.

Login LockDown

Limits the number of allowed accesses of the same IP, this dynamic prevents repeated attempts to log in to the same IP address.



Essential WordPress plugin for any personal blog, since you will be able to use the most popular antispam service for free.


Other very practical WordPress Plugins

elementorElementor Page Builder

If you need to layout your pages in a fast, simple and very visual way, Elementor is one of the best free plugins for WordPress (it also has a paid version).

All these are the functionalities that it has with its free version, so if you are starting with your blog you can get a lot out of this visual layout for WordPress.


visual composerVisual Composer

Another visual layout maker with which we will be able to create a web page without the need for programming.

I suggest that you only use to layout the pages and landing of your web portal, not to layout your blog posts.

short ultimateUltimat Shortcodesand

Would you be interested in being able to layout your posts in a more beautiful and visual way but you don't know CSS?

Avoid worrying, because this can be fixed thanks to shortcodes and there are different plugins for this.

It is that I have used it on occasion and it has a lot of opportunities to be able to layout your posts in a very visual way.

For example, you can create boxes with different colors to highlight different phrases or create lists in a much more visual way.

optin monsterOptin Monster

It is one of the most professional and complete plugins when it comes to attracting leads or subscribers.

It is a paid WordPress plugin but I am sure it will be a good investment if you know how to take advantage of its full potential.


Author Box Lite

If you are going to accept guest blogging on your blog, you will need to create a guest author box showing the photo, website, and social media of the person writing.

And you can do this in a very simple way with this plugin, you only have to install it and go to the WordPress users chapter

You will get an option in each user that will put: WP Author Box User Fields add the author's social profiles and that's it.

At the same time, the image that takes you is the same as the profile they have created in Gravatar.


Q2W3 Fixed Widget

Would you be interested in pinning a widget to the sidebar of your blog?

If you have a course, an affiliate banner or you want to fix your subscription box, this plugin will solve it for you.

At the same time, its installation is very simple.

You just have to download the plugin, activate it and go to Appearance, Widgets and at the bottom of the one you select you will get a new option that is Fixed Widget, you activate the option and that's it.


Contact Form 7

It is the most popular WordPress plugin to make contact forms, since you do not need technical knowledge to include one or more forms in our Blog.

This plugin has a javascript that reduces the pagespeed of our WordPress Blog considerably, to solve it you must tell WordPress that it only loads that javascript when it needs it, for example on the contact page.


Cookie advisor

A simple WordPress plugin that will allow you to easily customize the popup that will show in your Blog the use you make of the cookies on it, for the right one compliance with legislation.

 WPML multilingual CMS

The best WordPress plugin to have a multi-language website is a paid plugin, but if you need to avoid duplicate content problems, this is the best and most professional option.

I hope this list of those that I personally consider as the best plugins for WordPress is equal to or more useful to you than they have been to me.


It has become the plugin of choice for most users to create their WordPress online store.

It has evolved a lot and today it is a very complete ecommerce solution.


A fabulous plugin with which you will be able to do advanced administration of your dns, as well as you will also be able to have a CDN for free and thus improve your loading speed.

You also have the opportunity to improve WordPress security.

Hello bar

With this plugin you will be able to promote services, products, training programs or info products in a highly visible way on your WordPress blog and for free.


Thrive Leads

I have left until the end a plugin with which I have been totally amazed since I used it and with it I managed to increase the growth of my lead list by 300%, going from 400 leads to 1200 leads per week.



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I hope this list of wordpress plugins necessary for 2019 will be of great advantage for your projects

Certainly they will have told you that the fewer plugins you install on your blog or website, the faster your page will load, but that is not the case. If you need to improve your loading speed and your page speed, you must follow a series of recommendations that are summarized in:

  • 1.- Make the most of images. You can choose a wordpress plugin for this purpose or get used to always making the most of the images before uploading them, but wordpress makes thumbnails from this image, you should know that these thumbnails are not compressed, therefore having a plugin gives you greater security of all the images on your web portal are compressed to the maximum without sacrificing image quality.
  • 2.- Cachear your web page or blog. I use Wp rocket and I always recommend it to my students and clients, today it is the best cache plugin for WordPress.
  • 3.- Reduce the external load of files. Keep in mind that external files cannot be cached as they are not on your page and therefore they will be your biggest headache to make the most of page speed.
  • 4.- Have a good accommodation. I'm wearing 3 years with Raiola Networks, and the truth is that I am delighted with the evolution of my blog has just exceeded 1,400,000 visits per month and continues to grow and approaching 1,500,000 visits per month. Having such an accommodation gives you guarantees that your project can prosper and continue to grow.
  • 5.- Choice of the WordPress theme. It may seem that it is not essential but it is, we have to have WordPress templates that give us a good result and for example the themes Enfold, Avada, Bridge they are very good options to make the most of the pagespeed of your project.

We could use a CDN and improve more aspects but I only wanted to summarize the most important ones.

Now I would like to ask you what you think of the post. Today I have 30 plugins installed and active on my blog, and you?


Would you add any more WordPress plugins to the list?

What are the best WordPress plugins for you for 2019?

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