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Attend the Digital Marketing Congresses It has become a great way to meet other professionals in the sector and why not, also to close commercial agreements.

More and more people and organizations decide to organize digital marketing events to publicize their brand and increase visibility in a sector as competitive as marketing.

In fact, we organize one in Valencia (and online at the same time) to publicize our Master of Digital Marketing and attract students.

What's more, now there is no need to organize them in person.

There are many online marketing congresses via streaming or recorded videos that have been held in recent years.

This is a great facility, because it is accessible to anyone regardless of where they are.

Of course, I personally like to attend marketing conferences in person.

Being able to meet more people who share the same passions and interests as you, is something that has to be experienced in person.

True networking is person-to-person.

But we cannot always go to see all the events that we would like.

So that online digital marketing congresses are also an excellent opportunity to continue training in such a changing and dynamic sector and keep up to date with the latest news and trends.

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Best Digital Marketing Congresses in 2020

So that you have them all well marked on your calendar, I have made a list with the best digital marketing congresses in Spanish and some international.

In addition, I have divided it by months and the price from which each one of them begins, as well as its location so that you can analyze in more detail which ones are you most interested in attending.











Tips to go to a Digital Marketing Congress 

I'm going to tell you one thing.

When I started in this sector, I didn't know anyone at all.

I started a blog, I started writing content to make myself known, but the reality is that absolutely no one knew me.

But this completely changed when I started going to the best digital marketing conferences in Spain.

I had my calendar of events and whenever I could, I didn't hesitate and went there.

This was what allowed me to meet other people in the sector, reach collaboration agreements and increase the visibility of my brand.

So that I am going to give you a series of tips that I myself used in the day.

1) Make your own calendar with the best digital marketing events

You don't have to go to all the events, all the workshops.

I only recommend going to those who are really the people you want to connect with.

That is, imagine that you want to sell infoproducts.

Then you should make a calendar with the events that are focused on info products, entrepreneurs, etc.

It is not essential that you go to SEO events, social networks, etc.

As well It is interesting that you did an Excel with each event and add this information:

  • Date.
  • Location.
  • Entrance price.
  • Accommodation price.

In this way, you will know how much budget you can allocate to this type of action.

2) Sign up for dinners

Do not go to events with the objective of learning (which too), go with the mentality of meeting people and reaching collaboration agreements.

Building relationships is essential and the best time to do it is at the post-congress, that is, at dinner and at the after-party.

That's really when you get to meet people.

I also recommend that you always carry business cards because never when you can present a business opportunity.

3) Analyze which people go 

Don't wait for the events to take place to see what kind of people go.

You can do it much earlier.

For example, you can see the hashtags they use on Twitter, see what people are posting and if there is a profile that interests you, you already have an excuse for a first contact.

You can do the same on LinkedIn, searching for the hashtag or creating a post and asking who is going to attend.

If you have a database, let your subscribers know that you are going to go, it is a great way to put a face on them, learn about their projects and also investigate what their main problems are.


In which online marketing congress did you have the best time? Do you miss a digital marketing event?

As you can see, here is a good list of the best digital marketing conferences in Spain or online that will be held in the remainder of 2020.

They are very varied events with high quality presentations that will allow you to know the latest news and trends in the sector.

It is a dynamic list that we will update every month, so keep this page in favorites to be able to find out about the latest news.

And if you have an event that is held near where you live, do not hesitate to sign up and attend because they are a great way to network, work on your personal brand and create strategic alliances.

I would also like you to leave me a comment telling me in which digital marketing congress you have attended in the last year have you had the best time and if you miss any, you can also tell me in the comments.

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