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I really wanted to write this article where I would do a great review of a series of apps for Instagram that I consider totally essential to start working on this popular social network.

These applications will be of great help to you to create very professional images and videos before uploading them to your account.

In January I decided to jump to Instagram and create the account of Marketing and Web, and I have to tell you that I am delighted and every day I like more to have taken this step, and that happens because it allows me to communicate simpler and more human aspects that I do every day.

I mainly use it when I travel or am at a marketing event, but I also can't help but photograph a good ice cream or delicious food, and share it and upload it to Instagram.

So if you have not yet taken the step, I recommend create an account on Instagram and work on your personal brand.

But hey, I won't roll over any more and I'll leave you this compilation of 40 tools or applications for Instagram which I hope will be of great use to you.


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Applications to know who stops following you on Instagram

The follow x follow on Instagram is usually a widely used practice for get more followers on Instagram.

The only problem is that after many of those accounts as soon as you follow them, they stop following you.

To solve this, there are different applications to know who does not follow me on Instagram


Application to download videos and photos from Instagram

Hasn't it ever happened to you that you have uploaded a photo to Instagram and then deleted it from your mobile and then wanted to use it again or send it to a person but you couldn't because you had deleted it?

The solution to this is usually to take a screenshot to download a photo from Instagram, but there is an application that solves this for you.


Download Instagram Videos

InstaSave is an application to download Instagram videos (or images) that has a version for both computer and Android.

You only have to access InstaSave then in the desktop version of Instagram select the URL of the photo or video you want to download, hit "Submit" and click on the photo or video that it generates and that's it.


Best photo editors for Instagram

There is no doubt that Instagram has become the social network for posturing, right?

There are many of us who use filters for Instagram and retouch the photos to try to make them more striking.

That is why I wanted to provide you with what I think are the best apps to edit photos on Instagram.

5 Best applications for Instagram to edit your photos from iPhone

snapseed#1 Snapseed

Snapseed is a complete application for Instagram with which you can edit your photos in a professional way before uploading them to the social network.

It has a large number of tools and filters for instagram, which will help you make more impressive photos.

Snapseed Features
• 24 tools and filters, including Spot Remover, Brush, Structure, HDR, and Perspective (see list below)
• Open JPG and RAW files
• Use the stack to readjust edits later
• Selective filter brush.
• All styles can be retouched with fine, detailed control
• Helpful Information feature with tips and tricks on Snapseed and photography in general


vsco#2 VSCO

Take and edit your images with great mobile presets and our advanced camera controls.
Post images and journals, or select others' to appear on your VSCO profile.

It has a large number of filters that you can easily apply to your photos and images before uploading them to Instagram.


filestorm neue#3 Filterstorm Neue

Filterstorm Neue is a powerful iphone application for professional photo editing.


  • It has tools for advanced editing of your photos.
  • Tools to enhance or change colors; curves, levels, tone map and channel mixes.
  • Cloning tool.
  • We can better focus images, eliminate noise or watermarks.

enlight#4 Enlight

Enlight has an extensive collection of editing tools and functionalities for creating stunning photos.

It may take you some time to learn how to use each of these features.

It is a paid app and is available for iPhone.


  • Advanced editing of your images.
  • Large selection of filters to apply to your photos.
  • Cloning tool for removing unwanted defects.
  • Drawing tool, text, borders and frames.


mextures#5 Mextures

With Mextures you can apply textures to your images to give them a spectacular result and all this in a short time.


  • Grains and textures to give your images a touch and film result.
  • You add spotlights and gradients.
  • Effects to blend layers.


Extra: Photobulk

PhotoBulk is a massive image editor that allows you to add text / image watermarks, resize, and optimize hundreds and thousands of images or photos in just one click.

Just drag and drop your images into the application, choose the desired actions and hit the start button. And ready!


  • You can add a watermark to your images.
  • You can adjust the size and resolution of your photos.
  • Supported formats JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF.

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pixlr#1 Autodesk Pixlr

Unleash your creativity with Pixlr's free photo editor! Capture any moment and make it beautiful with over 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays, and filters. When you're done, share the finished work on all your favorite social networks!

Pixlr is the right photo editor for everyone; Whether you've never edited a photo or are a professional, Pixlr has all the tools and effects you need.


  • Create photo collages with a variety of layout, background, and spacing options.
    • Balance color in one click with automatic correction.
    • Layer multiple photos and blend them together for a unique look with double exposure.
    • Style your image to make it look like a pencil drawing, ink sketch, poster, and more.
    • Enhance your selfies with simple tools to remove blemishes and red eyes or whiten teeth.
    • Focus on one color with the presentation color or add more impact with focal blur.
    • Choose from a group of effect packs to give your image the look you want.
    • Adjust the mood of the photo with overlays: boost the tone, lower it or add surreal shadows.


cupslice#2 Cupslice Photo Editor

Cupslice Photo editor is a very easy to use image editor that suits most people's needs very well.


  • It has a large number of filters and frames for your photos.
  • Retouch your photos and get impressive results.
  • You can add very advanced color effects.
  • You can upload your photo to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Path, Pinterest, Line, Whatsapp, etc.


aviary#3 Photo Editor by Aviary

Awesome photo editing!

Aviary is a mobile photo editing app that offers you dozens of ways to enhance, decorate, and apply unique effects with a single tap, then instantly share your creations with your friends.



  • Fine-tune your photos using a full range of sophisticated filters and one-touch tools to adjust lighting, focus, and color.
  • Remove stains and brighten whites with just one touch.
  • Personalize your images with fun stickers, frames, and overlays.


prisma photo editor#4 Prism

With Prisma you will turn your photos into impressive works.


  • Great selection of modern art filters.
  • Impressive effects to apply to your photos.
  • Turn your photos into a great work of art.


airbrush#5 AirBrush - PRO Photo Camera

  • AirBrush provides the best photo editing tools designed exclusively for the photographer in you!
  • Easy to use, no rules, AirBrush was designed to give users the best photo editing experience with easy to use retouching tools, with the highest quality and natural results in every photo.
  • With AirBrush, you can achieve perfect photos from the comfort of your phone.



  • Remove Imperfections.
  • Do you love your smile?
  • Perfect complexion.
  • Light corrector.
  • Improve eyes light instantly.
  • Enlarge or slim any area of your image.


photo editorPhotoDirector

PhotoDirector Mobile is a simple and easy-to-use photo editor that allows you to add effects to your mobile images quickly and easily.
Simple and powerful photo editing tools:

  • Adjust individually, or all, H / S / L sliders and RGB color channels in your photos to easily colorize your shots, or correct serious white balance problems.
  • Quickly correct white balance to improve color accuracy.
  • Easily adjust the tone with sliders for brightness, darkness, exposure, and contrast.
  • Adjusts the saturation to increase the intensity of the image as much as possible.
  • Apply effects to all or specific sections of your images.


App to see how your photos are on instagram

Have you ever wanted to see how your photos look on Instagram before uploading them?

I spend a good time adding different filters on Instagram and then I always like to see how it looks with the rest of my feed before I publish it to see if I have added too many effects or not.

preview instagramPreview - Design for Instagram

Preview is an application to see how your Instagram looks for IOS very simple to use and that also has a series of extra functions such as an analytical part and also to make repost.

The most used hashtags on Instagram

Best video editors for Instagram

More and more companies have decided to integrate video into their marketing strategy and in this social network it was not going to be less.

If you find it difficult to create this type of publication, do not worry because I am going to show you several video editors for Instagram that will solve this task.

splice video editorSplice Video Editor

Splice is a video editing application for Instagram for IOS that is really simple and easy to use.

Thanks to her you can:

  • Trim clips.
  • Adjust transactions.
  • Add slow motion effects.



Another application for Instagram videos that works both in Android like in IOS is InShot.

It is an application that also allows you:

  • Add colored borders to videos.
  • Add emojis.
  • Combine different video and adjust its speed.
  • Different video filters for Instagram.
  • Different sound effects.


Apps to crop photos on Instagram

Crop photos on Instagram is something that many people do so that they are published in full or give it their own style in the Feed.

I am going to recommend a series of apps that will allow you to do this:

no crop instagramNo Crop

Thanks to this app you can publish the entire photos on Instagram without having to cut or reduce them.

You can also:

  • Choose from different free designs.
  • Create collages on Instagram.
  • Add different text fonts on images.


grids for instagramGrids for Instagram

Every time people and companies decide to use this type of strategy to make a more visual profile.

And one of the best separators for Instagram is Grid.

Personally, it is one of the ones that I like to use the most because of its simplicity and it also gives you 6 different customization options.


giant square for instagramGiant square

Would you like to know how to make mosaics on Instagram?

Another good alternative that exists is Giant Square and it works in a very similar way to the one I mentioned above.


Application to make Repost on Instagram

Sharing content on this social network is not as simple as on other networks and that is why we have to use a series of tools to be able to repost on Instagram.

repost for instagramInstagram Repost

If you are looking for an application to reschedule on Instagram you can use Repost.

You just have to select the options on the right side and click on Copy Link and you will be able to repost the image on your wall.


Application to program on Instagram

There are different tools to schedule posts on Instagram directly from the computer or from the mobile and there are going to be more and more because recently this social network has opened its API for its partners.

If you use Hootsuite to manage your social networks you are in luck, because now you can program them and have them published directly from this tool.

And if you want to know more here you can consult different tools to schedule posts on Instagram for free.


Applications to do giveaways on Instagram

Giveaways are a great way to get more followers and make yourself known to new people who didn't know us yet.

It is also a practice that more and more companies are using in this social network, so I recommend that you consider adding them in your marketing strategy.


Instagram giveaway application

Easypromos is an application to run giveaways on Instagram and other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

Its operation is very simple and allows you to:

  • Import all comments during the duration period.
  • Import users who use a specific hashtag.
  • Filter users by mentions or hashtags.



Another tool that you can use is CoolTabs that allows you to make giveaways based on your own followers or between likes and comments so that you can expand the participation range of the giveaway and reach more people.

It is a great way to improve engagement, so I would take them into account if you are serious with this social network.


Measurement tools on Instagram

Statistics on Instagram as in any other social network are essential to know if the actions we are carrying out are working or not.

As they say, everything that is not measured cannot be improved so you have to know a series of tools that can help you if you are a Community Manager to manage Instagram in a more professional way.



statistics on instagram

Metricool is a tool for Instagram that I really like to use to measure the performance of my actions on social networks and to be able to check their evolution.

Thanks to her we will be able to know:

  • The evolution and balance of our followers.
  • The level of interactions.
  • Our most engaging posts.
  • Add our competitors to find out what their evolution is.




Iconsquare has evolved a lot and has become a very complete management and analytical tool.

I recommend that you try its trial version because in addition to being able to schedule publications and analyze your publications, it is also a tool to find influencers on Instagram.


10 Essential Instagram Applications

bokehful#1 Bokehful

Add fun light effects to your photos with the Bokehful app.

Just select the color scheme and start drawing directly on your photo.


  • Draw light effects directly on your photos.
  • Circle, heart, star or hexagon.
  • Multiple color gradients to choose from.
  • Change the direction of the gradient.
  • Change the opacity.
  • Save your photos in high resolution.
  • Share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email, and other apps.


tiny planet#2 Tiny Planet Photo

Give a spherical effect to your images and surprise everyone.

Add other effects to your images and correct the light and color.

Available for Iphone and Android.


quick#3 Quick

The fastest application to add text to photos.

Quick has a super smudge, streamlined experience that lets you add stylish text to your photos in the blink of an eye!


  • 16 Typefaces to choose from.
  • Real-time source selection.
  • Adjust size, color and placement with great effort.
  • Available for Iphone and Android.


facetune#4 Facetune

Facetune is a fun and powerful selfie photo and portrait editor.


  • Get a perfect smile.
  • Softens and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Eliminate temporary blemishes like blackheads and blemishes.
  • Brighten dark circles under the eyes.
  • Improve your skin tone.
  • Emphasize the eyes for a penetrating look.
  • Change the color of the eyes.
  • Remove the red and white effects from the eyes.
  • Focus the photo on you, blurring the background.
  • Enhance the lighting or add special paper effects.
  • Create custom filters.
  • Add unique textures and frames.
  • Available for Iphone and Android.


cross process#5 Cross Process

You never have too many filters. Cross Process has more than 70 filters, and allows you to mimic the color and effects of Polaroid cameras.

dubsmash#6 Dubsmash

Turn your iPhone videos into HD black and white videos and extraordinary music video clips.

The most complete black and white video editor on the App Store. It will transport you to different stages of the film industry (from the 20s to the 80s) and you will have a lot of tools to create really amazing silent videos, hippie style home videos, videos of children's parties, music video clips or simply play your iPhone videos as if they had been recorded on an original 8mm camera.

Available for Iphone and Android.


8mm vintage#7 8mm Vintage Camera

The most authentic, versatile and easy-to-use retro video camera on the App Store.


  • Record videos with very sophisticated real effects.
  • More than 70 effects to apply to your videos.
  • Create professional quality movies.
  • Supports 4K videos.


color history#8 A Color History

An app that has more than 100 filters, 40 effects and 20 tools to make your photos look impressive.


average camera#9 Average Camera Pro

Have you ever had lighting problems when taking a photo at night?

Well maybe this app is the solution to this problem.

This application is designed to absorb as much light as possible and thus avoid those photos where we can hardly see anything due to light problems.

Average camera pro is available for Iphone.


superimpose#10 Superimpose

This app for iphone and Android will surely surprise you because it will allow you to change the background of any image, in an easy and simple way, forget spending many minutes making a cut with Photoshop, with superimpose you have it in a single click.

What are you waiting to start testing it?


Other applications for Instagram in 2020

#1 Black

A very simple application to use and with which we can get very cool black and white photos thanks to its filters.


#2 AfterLight

Free app for iOS and Android that allow you to apply different light filters and change color temperatures.


#3 Spotlights

Focos will take advantage of the benefits of the dual camera to be able to focus and blur the part of the image that we decide.


#4 Over

If you want to personalize your photos with text, graphics or shapes, one of the apps I like the most is Over.


#5 Mocadeco

Another option to add shapes to your photos is Mocadeco. It is paid but it allows us to personalize our photos with style giving it a very modern touch.


#6 RollWord

This free application will allow you to give a more realistic and colorful touch to your photos.


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I hope these Instagram apps help you create photos and videos that impress your fans.

Would you add any more Instagram applications to this list?

What is your favorite tool to create your photos for Instagram?

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