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I must admit that I never thought that a Power BI Podcast could be a thing, much less a valuable thing. After all, Power BI is a very visual and interactive tool. But in fact, Power BI Podcast IS something invented by my friend and Microsoft MVP Lars Schreiber from Hamburg, Germany. Lars recently contacted me and asked if I would be interested in participating in his Podcast, which I was pleased. Since then, I have spent some of my free time listening to some of the other episodes that Lars has recorded, with the likes of Marco Russo and Adam Saxton, to name a few.

It's still early, but I have to say that Lars is doing a great job exploring this different medium for this topic, something that no one else seems to be doing (that I know of).

Why the Power BI podcast works

There are a few reasons. First of all (as Lars mentioned in the episode with Marco), people can listen to a podcast without having to attract the eye. [and hands]. This offers many opportunities to consume, such as traveling by public transport, riding a bike, exercising in the gym, mowing the lawn, lying in bed resting, etc. The second reason I think this works is that Lars has the opportunity to cover topics that might not otherwise translate well in other media. Some of the podcasts are positioned as expert talks on a topic, but more recently Lars has been exploring more of a “fire side talk” with his guests. And I have to say that I really like this format. Although I had the privilege of meeting Marco and Adam, I must say that I know more about them now than I did before listening to these episodes. And another thing: I have a deeper understanding of how similar Marco and Adam's trips have been to mine.

Why not try the SSBI podcast?

I suggest my readers take a note (or a mental note) to listen to the SSBI Podcast sometime in the near future. You can find the links to the site below and you can also find it on major podcast sites like Apple and Google; just search for SSBI Podcast.

Here is the link to my episode.

Power BI podcast

And here is the general link to the site.

Lars also has a blog that you should consider subscribing to

What do you think about this?

Let me know in the comments below what you think about the podcast.