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Journal and Ledger

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The journal and ledger excel template It allows us to keep track of the accounting of an enterprise.

Our Excel templates are predesigned documents for your use; developed in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Templates help us by organizing the content and calculations of the document, allowing them to be customized and saved.

A spreadsheet facilitates the work of reproducing similar or identical documents, used to keep a retail control of budgets, expenses, commissions on sales, cash flows, inventories, provisions, etc. allowing to obtain summaries of information from different points of interest. An Excel spreadsheet can contain formulas, macros, graphics, headers, etc ...

Journal and ledger template features

  • In the first worksheet, the accounting entries are entered with a unique account code
  • There is a button to automatically wholesale
  • There is a second sheet, where after using the button «Generalize», the general ledger is summarized by accounting account.
  • Contains macros
  • We can easily adapt it to any country: Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, etc ...

The Daily Book compiles all the accounting entries made by the company. Entries are made in chronological order, including the date of the transaction, and with an associated serial number. Then, in the General Ledger, all the accounts that have had changes during the fiscal year appear. Each account is accompanied by a date and a serial number that identifies it.

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